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Book about sex, sect and lonelinessHow Michelle Hunziker saved

With her laughter Michelle Hunziker enchanted an audience of millions. But behind the Swiss are also sad days. In her new book, the 36-year-old describes her time at the unscrupulous sect “Warrior of Light” and their salvation.
Michelle Hunziker appears to have the luckiest. A few weeks ago it was again a baby daughter , with her ​​fiance Tomaso Trussardi (30) she has finally found the love of my happiness and professionally it runs for the beautiful Swiss fine. But behind the 36-year-olds are also less happy years. In addition, she writes, among other things in her new book “Con la scusa dellAmore” (“With the excuse of love”), the “Bild” newspaper from today released some excerpts . “With 18 years I got to know the man who my should be husband, “Hunziker writes about her ex-husband Eros Ramazzotti (50). “The dilemma of family and career did not turned out. Although I was little more than a girl, I had wanted a clear vision of what I wanted or at least try. He knew about it. Even though he might have preferred a more traditional wife, he asked me any obstacles in the way in terms of my desires. “Marriage failed anyway. In 2002, separated the former dream couple and Hunziker took refuge in the sect “warrior of light.” Here you can take a look at Michelle Hunziker’s new book – so far it is however published only in Italian “My dad died, I was just divorced, was 23 years old and found myself alone with a four year old daughter, “Hunziker describes her situation at that time. “I was looking for my place in the world and did not find him, I felt lost. I was tired and scared – the ideal prey for people without scruples. (…) That I had saved me, I have to thank my daughter. ” Halt finds Hunziker today especially with her ​​fiance Tomaso . He “is balanced, manly, tough,” says the Swiss. “Before I met him, I was always attracted to fragile and complicated partners who often had an artistic streak. It does not take a psychoanalyst to understand that I was looking for my father, perhaps to compensate for an open account. ”
Hunziker’s father, “a hero with a drinking problem”

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With her father Hunziker shared a very special relationship. “My father was my hero, sensitive, intelligent, in his leisure time he painted like. He taught me the nature, the stars, the moon, the flowers, etc., to love, “said Hunziker. “There was also a big BUT: My father had a drinking problem and when he had drunk, he became a different, a kind of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde.”
Nevertheless Hunziker seem to men to feel no bitterness. You “can be wonderful companions and it is also our duty to help them. Listen with understanding, respect, and tenderness of the gift. “This book is so far published only in Italian. Hunziker wrote it together with the lawyer Giulia Bongiorno.