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2014, new year baby boom among the stars! EH Yes, celebrities have been likely to give in to the call of baby bottles and diapers. Among the latter, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are probably the top 3 parents the most scrutinized of the world stars: after a pregnancy with a magnifying glass, the star of Black Swan and the pretty boy of my uncle Charlie welcomed a little Wyatt Isabelle, who pointed the tip of his nose September 30, 2014, to the delight of the famous lovers. Since birth, the couple is becoming increasingly scarce in the avenues of Los Angeles, they were nevertheless used to trample even in sport clothes, far preferring pamper cute them treasure which is still unknown the boils. The mystery remains also whole as that of the small Esmeralda Amada, the tip cabbage Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes.Ultradiscret, the couple became parent for the first time on September 12, 2014, date of birth of their little girl. The joys of motherhood, it is also discovered this year the beautiful Scarlett Johansson which has consolidated his love with Frenchie Roman Dauriac with a baby, a little girl also, pre-named Dorothy Rose and whose birth was announced early September. But the prestigious Pink Hollywood book is still well supplied: the truculent Robert Downey Jr. has also tasted the joy of fatherhood as the star of Iron Man has expanded his small tribe with a newcomer (a girl yet) replying on behalf of Apri Roel, born on 4 November his amours with his girlfriend Susan. Little April is the joy of his clan, composed for reminder of Exton (2 years and a half) and Indio (age 21) – born of the previous marriage of actor with Deborah Falconer.Couple from 2011, the beautiful Olivia Wilde and her boyfriend Jason Sudeikis experienced them as a happy event with the birth of their first child, Otis Alexander, who was born on April 20, 2014. First also for the beautiful Christina Ricci: very rare on the front of the media scene, the 34-year-old actress became MOM in August 2014 of a boy, coming from his idyll with her husband James Heerdegen. Similarly, it is discreetly that the beautiful Kerry Washington gave birth April 21 of a little girl, her first child with her husband Nnamdi Asomugha. The Stork nor forgot to switch in David Arquette and Bruce Willis, the two players who have welcomed a new Member in their respective homes. Thus, ex Courteney Cox became Dad of a baby boy, Charlie born April 28 of his love affair with the lovely Christina McLarty. As for the former husband of Demi Moore (with whom he had three daughters, Rumer, 26 years, Scout, 22, and Tallulah, 20 years), it is a fifth girl who pointed the tip of his nose: Evelyn Penn was born on May 5 in Los Angeles of the romance between the actor’s 59 years and the lovely Emma Heming – who also gave him little Mabel Ray2 year old.  A few months before Bruce Willis, it was Owen Wilson who discovered the joys of fatherhood with the arrival to the world of a second child, Finn, born on Thursday, January 30 and from his relationship with the coach again sports Caroline Lindqvist.A handful of weeks later – Thursday February 13 precisely-, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green were Meanwhile their second toddler, still a boy, prénommé Bodhi, and made the joy of famous parents but also of its big brothers, Noah (17 months) and Kassius (11 years, from the relationship of the actor with Vanessa Marcil).The Saint-Valentin was also the timing of the little Eric to see the day: the son of Simon Cowell, so become a dad for the first time in 54 years, was indeed born on Friday, February 14. The boy is the result of a special relationship between the ruthless juror of X-Factor and the lovely Lauren Silverman who was the wife of one of his close friends. The baby of Stacy Keibler will, for its part, whereas the summer to come to the world.Married discreetly in Jared Pobre, ex George Clooney became in August 2014 MOM of a little girl called Ava Grace Pobre.At the same time across the Atlantic, it is our national Jenifer who welcomed her second son, Joseph (born August 13, 2014), fruit of her love with comedian Thierry Neuvic. Car on the side of the stars French also, the baby boom took place, the interpreter of Sun among the long list of celebrities come to expand or establish their respective tribes. The sparkling Alessandra Sublet thus birth 18 August 2014 of a boy, born in its history with his companion Clément Miserez, with which it already has a little Charlie (2 years). But the star of the PAF was not the only one in the middle to take leave, this year, nude naked bare naked shirtless topless nackt nude nu nue nudo akt çıplak tetoviranje tatouage Tätowierung Modelle

Mila Kunis is planning ahead for when she starts a family. The actress wants to step back from Hollywood when she becomes a mom because she doesn’t want to be an absentee parent.

The actress, who is dating “Two And A Half Men” star Ashton Kutcher, regularly tops polls as the sexiest women in the world, but would be willing to let all that attention fade away when she has kids.

She told Playboy magazine, “The truth is I don’t think I can do this for the rest of my life. I also want a life. I want a family, like, one day, not tomorrow.

“I want to be a present mom. When I was growing up both my mom and dad worked full-time, in one location. I’m never in the same place for more than two months. How am I ever going to have a family like that? You have to make compromises.

“If that means I do one movie a year, if people still want to see me and hire me and I don’t suck by that point, great. My only source of happiness can’t be dependent on something so fickle.”

Kunis stars in the upcoming film “Oz The Great and Powerful

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