Miley Cyrus Photo nth shock: Language language against Cara Delevingne!

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Attention, Miley Cyrus crazy Cara Delevingne can hide a saucy ! The duo made ​​the buzz starlets , Thursday, Dec. 26 , on Twitter at issue, a photo, published by the former Disney girl , where she blithely mixing his language with that of the top English. Both aged 21 , blondes would they tell us something ? This is certainly not the mysterious comment of our incorrigible Miley who can enlighten us .

If his sharp tongue squatted celebrity news this year is the first time that the singer controversial in such a posture is surprising. Cara Delevingne however is not his first attempt since the playful English has been spotted being ” bisouter ” some Sienna Miller or his BFF , Rita Ora – she does not hesitate to also to call his “little woman.” But the question is : in what circumstances the edgy duo found it to offer the world this amazing shot ?

What is certain is that , not being a provocative close , Miley Cyrus was quick to spread something on social networks , history its capital shock is maximum at the end of the year. At the same time , far from the scandal , the other is quietly interested gilded the pill sun room with his family in Barbados, Cara Delevingne dropped smartphone and Instagram profile to enjoy as it should for a well deserved break Rihanna on land . Friday, December 27 , supermodel , who walked this year ‘s most prestigious podiums, is indeed offered a little trip to the beach and a boat trip . The opportunity once again for the pretty blonde to demonstrate his balance and agility ( after all relative) during a session of waterskiing. Dressed again a tiny red bikini, Cara Delevingne has not failed to strut proudly with his new tattoo , the inscription ” Do not worry, be happy” below the chest