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Nabilla represses Enora Malagré:” I do not have to account for it!”

Enora Malagré apologizes , refuses Nabilla … While the blond hostess decided to apologize to the beautiful Swiss after time and again taclée and even invited his show Enora evening on Virgin Radio , the bomb Hello Nabilla reported dissatisfaction .
Contacted by Mag TV while it is being shot in Marrakech, Nabilla stated: “I decline her invitation Contrary to what she says , I never wanted to take a coffee with her she is part of . . those people who have no importance for me, I have no regard for her. she has her opinions on me and I know I can not please everyone. ”

Friday, November 29 , Enora , columnist Hands off my post, announced his hit show on Virgin Radio: “I make an announcement, I will invite Nabilla Enora in the evening She wanted to have a coffee with me, so I think. I accept it launches this invitation . us Friday, November 29 , Nabilla , darling, you’re welcome Enora in the evening , I think it ‘ll have to talk … ” An invitation that does not interest the young 21 year old woman revealed in the fifth season of the Angels of reality TV : ” I thank her for the invitation but it will not so I wish him well and that . cares about something other than me. I continue my way, I work and I am proud of everything that happens to me . ”

Since the early buzz Nabilla , Enora keeps tackle the young woman. After the passage of the brunette in Le Grand Journal de Canal + , she said: ” The other , it is there , it broadcasts which, as I picture the little girls breasts like that, I rub against poles ? . Sanctify .. this person, I think it’s serious ! ” No wonder then that Nabilla not held in a coffee with her!

“She told us that 19 years when she had only 15 ”

The head of JKP Studio continues: ” Nabilla landed like that , unexpectedly . What we had scored at the time, it was his character and his insurance. For a girl , we did not know , was only 15 years old, it was quite exceptional. She told us she was 19 and we were really have! (Laughter.) She was already very gifted as an actress and nothing could predict that we lied . ”

Nabilla Benattia told by Krystel Brands

In the long teaser Prodyge Crew, Nabilla appears repeatedly . “During the filming, she had been very motivated , recalls the director. At that time , she did not know where she was going but what is certain is that she wanted to test and see what she was capable screen. I may have to be given him one of his first chances without knowing it. ”

This character Nabilla exposes the top of his 21 years in The Angels of reality , she had in her teens . “She was so far from the physical and swag not how it currently looks , feels Jihad Kahwajy . When asked if she tweaked something other than his chest, I could not be sure! At 15, many girls are much more round face and milder than 21 lines. Now it is clear that she is very careful and it is much occupied with her look in recent years. ”

” Nabilla is capable of more»

Already in 2007, Nabilla had this desire to get noticed and succeed at all costs. “This determination makes me think mine is what I admire about her testimony Jihad Kahwajy . There are only like that we get to do something. I hope it will be smart enough not to remain on its laurels because the reality associated with her bimbo side , this node is not there a better . Often , those who do not come quickly proving they can do something else are the target of much adverse criticism for their development. And I think Nabilla is capable of more . ”

If Enora Malagré has often managed to reconcile with people she had taclées including caueter or Delormeau Matthew , this time , she finds herself facing a wall . A coffee after taclée when your name Nabilla ? ” No, but what hello ” …

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