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He has won the race of his life. The one that has worn it the most, the one that has strengthened his love and his being. Natacha Lopez has overcome breast cancer and is now recovering after undergoing reconstruction of her breast. His dream in 2017 was to run 12 marathons and make some nice photos that make his fight and hundreds of women visible. Said and done.

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A record of life, a career won on the dark side. And now turn to page. When you read this story, Natacha Lopez will be resting at his home in Massalfassar, a town near Valencia, after going through the operating room. The annoyance for drainage will be forgotten. I imagine her looking at herself in the mirror with her bare torso, recognizing herself again after almost three years with only one breast for breast cancer. The reconstruction is done. And you will be dreaming of participating in the New York marathon with David Serrano, his partner, his partner for miles and miles.

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Natacha Lopez is the third of four sisters. Her parents separated when she was fifteen. He relapses only to think of those hamburgers and ice cream made by his mother, of American origin. Like many teenagers she did dance, volleyball, basketball … “And that’s when I realized I was not a bad runner.”

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He took the title of technician of analysis and control, he enrolled in Chemistry but did not finish the race. One night, after working on drinks, he made the decision to change his life. We are in 2004. He went to tests to work at Greenpeace and there he met David, a boy from Albacete. Without brake, like her. They fell in love with Mana of soundtrack. “He was a very athlete and within a few months, when we went to live together, he convinced me to go running for five miles with him . David is crazy about numbers, runner routines, challenges. “Natacha, why do not we run 365 consecutive days?” Despite the days of stress, the sad days, the injuries … did not fail even one day. Eight kilometers, eight kilometers, eight kilometers … And when they passed a year they looked at each other and thought the same thing: “Let’s go?” And so they stayed until day 742. By the way, David saw his father dying of lung cancer – “that challenge made him proud of me. That is why on the day of the burial, Natacha and I wore their slippers and ran in their honor for their town. Some did not understand, ” recalls David – and also enjoyed his pregnant wife. “We had been running for 600 days when I went to the gynecologist. I asked her if she could continue my careers and she said, “Are you sick? No. Well, to run . ”  I participated in a six-and-a-half month pregnant career. “

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