NEWLOOK France – March – April 2016

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TOP 10 NEWLOOK offers the best of not to be missed!
SNAPSHOTS Discover the most unusual pictures of the planet.
ULTIMATE GARAGE For your viewing pleasure, because for the lead, it’s expensive …
BOTH ARE THE MATTER And have sacred pairs! At the corner of the French countryside, meeting with two beautiful plants that prove that if grain prices are at their lowest, temperature curve is blocked on HOT!
COMPLETELY MORDUS They have teeth and know how to use. scary dive into the world of bestial animal bites. Snake shark through the spider, our animal friends can sometimes do great damage. Sensitive souls refrain !
THE FORCE OF THE WRIST It looks like ice climbing, it’s the color of ice, except it’s chalk. The 10 best ice climbers in the world rose to the challenge: 110 meters vertical pure with 2 axes for only help.
ANISSA KATE Winner of the AVN Award for Best Foreign Actress in 2015, the French Anissa Kate is back on screens in the last

VERTIGO FORBIDDEN Kenny Belaey fearless. And it shows ! The Belgian is the first man to have achieved the feat of “roll” on an outstretched webbing between two rocky peaks, 112 meters above the vacuum.
TERMINUS EVERYONE PREND CHER 46  When not at work trying to entice one of its many customers (Florence is hostess in a shopping center), the beautiful young woman engages in exhibitionist ‘in his hometown in southern France.
FAVELA BLUES 54 While Brazil prepares to host the Olympics, the second term of its president Dilma Rousseff is marked by the decline of the economy and corruption scandals. Away from the beaches, tanned girls and the Rio carnival, zoom on to the much darker scene: that of a country in the grip of a veiled civil war, and where gangs rule the roost and take the front of the stage .
A BOMB IN TECI 64 All the cities of France are not housed in the same boat when it comes to bombs. Kif Monica, is to make sure to be seen by all! And it works…
A ROAR OF FUN Mud and sand, jumps and barrels, against Peugeot Mini, all the ingredients to make the last Dakar auto sport tickets were reunited. If, on arrival, “Master” Peterhansel roared the Lion, the battle has been rough, and the new kid Sebastien Loeb has secured the show. Back to 16 images on a 16-day Dakar 2016 breathtaking.
LINGENUE SE UNVEILS 90 Here is one that has managed to blow hot and cold on our desires. Playing a time timorous, Kylie proved uncontrollable when she finally shameless. It was all back!

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