Pamela Jean Noble Splash Magazine – Winter 2016 Hawaiian

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I is so good to see you gracing the pages of splash magazine again and this time on the cover! Can you tell us a bit about what you have been up to since your feature in our publication almost a year ago? Thank you so much! I think the question is more of where have I not been? (laughs) I’ve been traveling so much for shoots, competitions, and you may have recently seen me on Bravo TV show Below Deck! It’s been quite a fun exciting year!
Anyone that is a fan of you can see that you have discovered love! You’re a beautiful couple, how do you manage your professional and personal life? I think the biggest flaw a relationship can have is not respecting someones work no matter what it is. He definitely doesn’t have an easy job being with me with what I do but he respects it and know even with my social media when I need to “work” and when my attention is all his! And I respect him by not pretending to not be with him on social media like many models do! I post pictures of us, tag him, talk about him. I’m not going to lead a false life on social media just to get more followers.
what are some tips you would give other models? I would say make sure you know you want to do this and don’t give up. You won’t be perfect for everything and you will hear a lot of no’s but no dream is too big! Tell us something that we might not know about you and your modeling career? My big break was modeling for the MMA brand TAPOUT and I’ll always be forever grateful!
Story By: Robert White

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