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Hey Parnia, congratulations on your MAXIM cover. How do you feel? I feel so blessed! It’s always been a dream of mine to do a cover for MAXIM.
How did you feel going into this shoot? I felt very confident. I love knowing I’m about to get glammed up. Apart from skin care and lots of booty workouts there wasn’t anything special I did to prepare for this shoot. Well, you look gorgeous. When do you feel sexy? Thank you. All it takes is an abs, butt and thighs workout, a shower, some Victoria Secret lingerie and, like Beyonce said, I’m feelin’ myself!
Tell us about the theme. Well, it’s a fitness theme as I had a boxing fight in Melbourne this month against a girl from Thailand that I was preparing for at the time of the shoot, so it was a perfect opportunity to incorporate it. How did you get into boxing? My dad was in the military, so from a young age he made sure I could protect myself. I work out three times a week and boxing train five to six days a week depending on my schedule. Have you ever needed to use your boxing skills public? Yeah, as soon as someone touches me in an unwelcoming way, the hands go up to the chin. We also hear you fancy yourself as a bit of a rapper? Yeah, since a young age I’ve had a lot of love for Hip Hop and as I got older I found that writing songs and rapping was the best way to express myself and sometimes my only escape. The EP I have coming out before I go back to LA, in a few months, is going to be very versatile. I put up a Soundcloud link on my Instagram bio quite regularly if anyone wants to check it out.
How did you come to be the new Ultra Tune girl? Ultra Tune narrowed it down to 10 potential models, I went through a series of interviews and now I’m living the dream! What does your role as ambassador involve? I represent Ultra Tune anywhere and everywhere I go or in anything I do. I’m very lucky with the opportunities it has opened up to me and it’s a great company to work for. There’s a bit of controversy surrounding the Ultra tune TV ads in which you appear. What was all the fuss about? It was basically feminists saying that we are degrading woman with our unexpected situations TVC. In my opinion it was empowering woman because we had control of the situation! I’m a professional boxer, I’m not weak! Did I think the script or the clothes made me feel less than this? Definitely not! I was enjoying every moment of the experience. You have a very exotic look. What’s your heritage? Thanks! A lot of people tell me I look Persian, and apparently my name is Persian, but my background is actually Macedonian, Egyptian & Maori. But if you want to get really technical my grandfather was Irish.
What’s the funniest (see: lamest) joke someone has made about your name? It’s funny a lot of people actually think I picked my surname because it’s a prestige car, but it was actually because I was obsessed with Muhammed Ali and the movie Ali starring Will Smith. In this movie one of his girlfriends’ last names was Porsche, so I just ran with it. Tell us a bit more about yourself. My grandparents are my world and I’m one of the most down-to-earth people you will ever meet. I can make friends with anyone and everyone because I’m so open minded and there is honestly not much you can tell me that I’ll be judgemental about. Also, I moved out of home at a young age so a lot of people think I’m older than 20. I had to learn to grow up quick and still build the best life for myself. What can’t you live without? Unfortunately my phone, which makes me sad because every time I’m out I always see people capturing the moment instead of living in it and I really can’t help myself — I do the same thing. What’s the weirdest thing someone has sent you via your social media accounts? Basically, it went down via direct message. Some guy was asking me if he could be my slave. You know, if he could carry my shopping bags, make my bed, drive me places, wash my feet, hurt him if he wasn’t doing his job properly… It was intense because he started hassling me for a response once he had seen I’d read his initial message. So DM stalking isn’t something you look for in a guy? Well, firstly, I’m 173cm tall, so ideally I would look for someone taller than me, but I do love broad shoulders and some skin with colour in it.
What’s the best way for a man to win his way to your heart? Personality and brains is a big thing for me. If I can’t have an intellectual conversation with you, you’re going to bore me. I’m still young and learning, so if I can teach you more than you can teach me, it won’t work. And if I can’t have fun with you and be a kid, go shoot hoops or play video games and lay around in track pants, then that won’t work either.
What’s one thing men should always understand about women? That we are Queens and always need to be respected. Social media is the biggest bullying platform I’ve ever seen. Men and women need to chill with the whole putting-each-other-down thing. Where do men go wrong with women? By thinking money will buy women to love them. I’ve actually never been in a relationship with someone who had money but I liked it this way because I knew it was real. Money does make life easier but it should never be based on the reason why you choose to date a person — it should be looked at as a bonus only.

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SHE’S SITTING IN ONE OF THE waiting rooms of the hotel in Cancun. It’s half past three in the morning and a few souls are wandering around the facility; it’s Monday and even in Cancun, people have to rest after a crazy weekend. But not Paty. In the distance, she sees the magazine’s crew walk in and immediately gets off the couch to greet them. With a smile and a hug, she welcomes us. It’s time to work… one of television’s most transcendental hosts has a hot date: It’s us! Her warm reception and beaauty leave no doubt as to why she is one Latin America’s most talented hosts and why her show is one of the most successful in the network, where she can show off an impressive guest list including but not limited to: George Clooney, Charlize Theron, Sofia
Vergara, Jim Parsons, Jared Leto, Chris Pratt and Matthew McConaughey. Nobody is with her. There is no unnecessary glamour nor assistants. She pushes forward on her own and reports ready to begin. “I think that the show’s success is due to the fact that I love what I do. That is the key for things to go the way they should. Plus I have the fortune of collaborating with people who love their job”, she confesses during a short session of make-up touch up before her first round of photos.
PRIME TIME GAL Inside E! Entertainment’s line-up, Coffee Break was a section inside another show, like E! VIP (Caracas/Brazil) and Trendy Zone (Colombia/Mexico). But not much time passed before this small section took over the network’s prime time. It was in 2011 when it won it’s own spot and Patricia started to interview Hollywood’s creme de la creme as well as Latin and worldwide celebrities.
Did you ever imagine that Coffee Break would become what it is today? No, never! I started working behind the cameras since I was 17. I was a stylist and I edited videos; I did this about seven years ago. I studied social communication and then film in London. My dream was to become an editor, to be behind cameras.
How did you get into this network then? In 2010 I was a contestant in
Chica E! Venezuela. I won. A year later, when that contract finished, I was offered Coffee Break and here I am. Now, almost five years later and after filming almost one hundred episodes, I never imagined that it would become what it is now. I think that not even the network or my team imagined this at first, but it worked, worked, worked and suddenly we were on prime time!
Did any factor help launch your show? In the first show we had George Clooney as a guest and that was a surprise. I think that his appearance opened the doors to other guests.
You escaped to London to study film, how has it helped in television? I decided to go one summer. I went for one semester and it helped a lot. For example, now that I have this show I know how production works so I can help my team do their job.
MAXIM WOMAN While we were shooting in the beach of Me Cancun, we felt thirsty. All logic said that it was due to the heat (35 degrees), but seeing Patricia play with the ocean waves and seduce the camera, without a doubt, caused effects similar to dehydration. Little time was needed for us to realise that she is the perfect MAXIM woman. Although she is a girl with a dazzling body, our interest in her does not end there. On the contrary, what we really care about is that she is a woman who succeeds in her

PARNIA PORSCHE PATRICIA ZAVALA NUDE Maxim Australia - April 2016 | 074-horz PARNIA PORSCHE PATRICIA ZAVALA NUDE Maxim Australia - April 2016 | 077 PARNIA PORSCHE PATRICIA ZAVALA NUDE Maxim Australia - April 2016 | 078 PARNIA PORSCHE PATRICIA ZAVALA NUDE Maxim Australia - April 2016 | 079 PARNIA PORSCHE PATRICIA ZAVALA NUDE Maxim Australia - April 2016 | 080 PARNIA PORSCHE PATRICIA ZAVALA NUDE Maxim Australia - April 2016 | 081