PRESSURE Magazine – December 2014

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PRESSURE Magazine – December 2014


For those unfamiliar with you, what previous magazines have you been in?  I have done silk magazine and show magazine … How long have you been modeling? About 5 yrs seriously …. What is the hardest part about modeling?   Staying current …. What advice would you give to other models? ” I m always stay positive and to continue to build your brand it pays off Nowadays you have to have multiple hustles to make a living… What are some of yours?
Well I’m a exotic Entertainer…I host events..! sell Cosmetics…Lol I’m a Business woman What kind of music do you listen ?  How do you maintain those sexy curves?… lol or do my curves maintain me 101.. just try to keep up a regular workout routine
Is it true women know within minutes of meeting a guy whether they will have sex with him?
What is your biggest fantasy when it comes to sex?…. To have a sexy man and a sexy woman and to have sex until we all pass out
Where is the craziest place you’ve had sex?Ummmmmm .. in a funeral home…. I know that’s messed up
Do you watch porn? … And what’s your favorite kind? … Lesbian porn rules
Do you prefer giving or receiving?….. I love doing both
What area of your body when touched or licked arouses you the most?…
Omg its around my knee lol
Do you think it is hard to maintain a relationship as a Glamour model?
No its not you just have find someone that like you for you not this over embellished public figure you developed

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Margarita Laure

For those just seeing you for the first time. What can you tell us about yourself?.. I have a
son, I'm God fearing. I'm goofy..... What sets you apart from other models? ... I m just myself. I don't really label myself as a model. I'm kind of tomboyish Sometimes modeling comes
with a lot of baggage.... Do you feel that you've been misperceived?... No 
What do you hope to accomplish in the next 5 years?... I hope to finish school and open 
a shelter In the perfect world things always go as planned on set,but
what's the worst experience you've had so far? ... I haven't had a bad experience accept 
when my grandmother died ...Have you/or would you ever consider mixing business with pleasure?.. No I wouldn't ..If you was looking for a relationship what type of person would spark your interest?... I would like a funny guy, classy; loving and real. 
What's the most im-portant aspect of a relationship? Loyalty is really big for me. Which do you prefer, giving or receiving?.. I love both For those interested in gettin* close to you.
What is your turn on's  and turn offs? ...1 hate liars ..  Nobody is perfect, but what's the one thing that would stop you from dating someone?... If you lie to me What feature on your body do people com-pliment the most?. My smile Is that your favorite body feature as well?.. My smile and my eyes Do you have any hidden tattoos or piercings? Yes on my back and my belly..What are the three most important things in your life?.. My God and my family If you wrote a journal entry about your last day,... what would it say?..... I worked all day! Lol If you could change 3 things about yourself,.. what would it be?... My age! Lol Before we go do.... 
you have any last words? ..No, just thank you for having me & God bless mom & she's strong and the iliznitinn a urnmnn  
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