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BARBİE MONROE Sometimes modeling comes with a lot of bag-gage. Do you feel that you’ve been misperceived? Yes I think social media re-ally gives people the wrong idea about me. I’ve been having like the same two best friends for over 10 years because , not really a friendly person and like my close circle small because it’s less drama  What do you hope to accomplish in the next 5 years? In five years I, hoping to be in somebody’s dentals office as a dental hygienist I just have to finish up school  Have you/or would you ever consider mixing busi-ness with pleasure? No, I get pleasure out of handling business If you was looking for a relationship what type of person would spark your interest? Someone success-ful and self-made, that, a turn on For those just seeing you What, the most important for the first time. What can aspect of a edationship? you tell us about yourself? have to idolize you. You have , down to earth and , to start with dirt and ended really country. up with diamonds someone that powerful intrigues me, What sets you aPart fro. because I, always going to other models? I’m quiet but wanna know how they did very smart really patient and ??. ? love power. I have a degree.

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TREABONİTA “If I end up half the woman sue is I did something right” Treabonita For those just seeing you for the first time. What can you tell us abTT:efl’nftnIZntdo= ot:t;aeo fon,t at I am a mix mosh of personality on a tttgeyecittsi some may II=Viatirlienl!n:hY-very outspoken, also I don’t believe in limitations What sets you apart from other models? Maybe how goofy I am and I don’t really see my self as this sex kitten model, I, just having fun Sometimes modeling comes with a lot of baggage. Do you feel that you’ve been misperceived? Oh I think everyone can be misperceived at one point or another but that’s you, even ne:tvevieeraneeyi:Migi:tty know You because they know your face.What do you hope to accomplish in the next 5 years? My hope is to
keep teltnlartreiedn’re fannViching journey hand 

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