Rachel Burr – Melanie Clarke – ZOO 12 January 2015 (1-2015) Australia

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Rachel Burr – Melanie Clarke – nude – ZOO 12 January 2015 (1-2015) Australia

 velcome back. Rachel! What have you been up to since you were last In the mag? ThanKyou, Since last being in the mag I’ve been super busy I’ve had a crazy year full of personal training, modelling jobs. photo shoots and overseas holidays I even managed to squeeze in my first bikini/ fitness comp in there fool Does the cashier do a double …en you buy ZOO now? Occasionally the cashier will do a doubletake if I pick up a copy of ZOO, but most of the time I make somebody else pick upacopyfor me a lot lessexplaining that way, We’re lucky enough to have shot you a bunch of tImos. What Impsyou coming back? The things that keep me coming back and shooting for ZOO magazine are the loyal fans that I’ve had for almost six years from my very lust shoot forthe magazine, a. the talented team that I’m so lucky to work withRachel Burr - Melanie Clarke - ZOO 12 January 2015 (1-2015) Australia | Rachel-Burr-Melanie-Clarke-nude-ZOO-12-January-2015-1-2015-Australia-2-horz Rachel Burr - Melanie Clarke - ZOO 12 January 2015 (1-2015) Australia | Rachel-Burr-Melanie-Clarke-nude-ZOO-12-January-2015-1-2015-Australia-4 Rachel Burr - Melanie Clarke - ZOO 12 January 2015 (1-2015) Australia | Rachel-Burr-Melanie-Clarke-nude-ZOO-12-January-2015-1-2015-Australia-5

each time I feel honoured that ZOO keep wanting me back after so many years, but in saying that I think 2015 may be my final yeari Say Italn’t so, Have you been partying much lately? Surprisingly. I’m not too much of a crazy party girl. I’m upevery morning at 4.45 am for work and I live a pretty healthy lifestyle, which doesn’t leave too much time forall-nighters. Where would you go for a wild night out In Sydney, I would much rather go out to  a beautiful dinner or trendy bar than have a crazy, wild night out You’re fronting a movies- themed issue and we’re looking at the biggest films that are goingto drop in 2015. Is there one movie you’re really looking forward to? The one movie that I’m probably  most looking forward to coming  out in 2015 is50 Shades of Grey. l think any female that has read the book will probably feel the  same’ The boys will probably  enjoy It, tool  What’s your favourite type of movie?  absolutely love agreat scary movie that will freak me out and make me not want to turn the  lights off. but I also enjoy an  easygoing, funny rom-com — extreme° pposites, I know!  What kind of bloke would you  Iike to take you to the cinema? The type of bloke that !would like to take to the movieswou Id be  someone who Is sweet enough to hold my hand, someone who doesn’t talkove r the good bits and someone with good shoulders so that I can rest my head on them Have you ever gone to the movies wit ha guy and the film was so crap that you two just gashed on the whole time?bYes, when I was younger I have definitely been to the movies and just pashed the whole way through because the movie was so boring.Actually, the only reason we used to go to the movies when we were teenagers was to pash in the dark! What’s the naughtlestthing you’ve done at the flicks? The naughtiest thing that I’ve done in the movies is eating a whole bag of loIlles[laughs1 Have you seen a mainstream movie ‘vithan awesome sex scene in it? There are a few mainstream movies with awesome sex scenes, to name a few… Wild Things, CruelIntentfons, The Wolf of  affStreet, 9 1/2 Week sand Black Swan  I think that’s a good start lSINO is! What reaction do you think you’d get if you rocked up to the movies in the gear you wore for the shoot?

Rachel Burr - Melanie Clarke - ZOO 12 January 2015 (1-2015) Australia | Rachel-Burr-Melanie-Clarke-nude-ZOO-12-January-2015-1-2015-Australia-6-horz Rachel Burr - Melanie Clarke - ZOO 12 January 2015 (1-2015) Australia | Rachel-Burr-Melanie-Clarke-nude-ZOO-12-January-2015-1-2015-Australia-8 Rachel Burr - Melanie Clarke - ZOO 12 January 2015 (1-2015) Australia | Rachel-Burr-Melanie-Clarke-nude-ZOO-12-January-2015-1-2015-Australia-9 Rachel Burr - Melanie Clarke - ZOO 12 January 2015 (1-2015) Australia | Rachel-Burr-Melanie-Clarke-nude-ZOO-12-January-2015-1-2015-Australia-10-horz

by Mr Hefner as an Official Playboy Bunny to open and Promote the Playboy Club, Macau. I feel very blessed being one of four Aussies that got chosen. I got to live overseas and hostess at one of the craziest party places in the world! I’ve also been lucky enough to visit the Mansion a few times and attend a couple of their famous parties. So. Jealous. You’re alsoa grid girl… are the pick-up attemptsat those events cringe-worthy? Like you wouldn’tbelieve! There’s something so unse>y about sweaty armpits holding you in for a big hug and a photo. But it comes with the territory. I just smile and ignore it aguywantedto get lucky with you, how would he best go about it? Well, I have an amazing partner who gets lucky all the time. Maybe we should ask him? Nab. What’s the ultimate turn-on In the bedroom? Confidence is key. And the ultimate turn-off? Selfishness (laughs/ Are you naughtyor nice? 1 would say a bit of both. I can be naughty but I always tell Santa I’ve been nice. What’s the most rebellious thing you’ve ever done? Sometimes if I’m in a hung at the airport, I go to the business-class section at the check-in gateso I don’t have to wait in line (laughs/ I just smile and hope for the best—works every time! And what are you like on a messy night out? Surprisinglyl can drink quite a bit before I start getting too crazy. But once that line is crossed, its a different story: silly dance moves, blurry ‘Phone photos and making besties with everyone! What’s the one thing about you ZOO readers should know? love cats —yeah, I’m one of those people (laughs]. Have you got any hot summer plans? Definitely lots of tanning in skimpy bikinis!

Rachel Burr - Melanie Clarke - ZOO 12 January 2015 (1-2015) Australia | Rachel-Burr-Melanie-Clarke-nude-ZOO-12-January-2015-1-2015-Australia-12-horz Rachel Burr - Melanie Clarke - ZOO 12 January 2015 (1-2015) Australia | Rachel-Burr-Melanie-Clarke-nude-ZOO-12-January-2015-1-2015-Australia-14-horz Rachel Burr - Melanie Clarke - ZOO 12 January 2015 (1-2015) Australia | Rachel-Burr-Melanie-Clarke-nude-ZOO-12-January-2015-1-2015-Australia-16-horz Rachel Burr - Melanie Clarke - ZOO 12 January 2015 (1-2015) Australia | Rachel-Burr-Melanie-Clarke-nude-ZOO-12-January-2015-1-2015-Australia-18-horz