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nude naked I m terms of Beauty and Power we all know the powerhouse which is Rihanna. Well, she has added umanitarian to her list of accomplishments. Thursday December 11 th, 2014 marked her first charity gala which brought out all of the who’s who in Hollywood. The Clara Lionel Foundation whose mission statement is “To improve the quality of life for communities globally in the areas of health .power to bring celeb’s e I ad Pitt, Salma Hayek, Tyrese Gibson, Tia Mowry-Hardrict and Fabulous to one worthy event. The first annual Diamond Ball proved
to be quite a fun time. The icon grace guest with an performance of “Pour It Up” with a  full orchestra to accompany
her vocal, I forgot to mention she rocked at conducting. We are sure that everyone attended had a ball. We all know
Rihanna is the it girl who knows how to have fun and look good while doing it. Not only is she trendsetting in fashion, music and pop culture she is now making her mark in the humanitarian arena. The red carpet of this
event looked something like the Grammys, the fashion was remarkable. So often it focus on Rihanna ‘s beauty and
catchy tunes but it is not often that we look at that golden heart of hers. Her effects has helped bring millions to help
and aid in awareness for HIV/ AIDS, the Food Bank NYC after Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and UNICEF in support of
the “There for the Philippines campaign that provided assistant to survivors of Typhoon Hai an. So often we look at beauty in terms of what’s on the outside. We look at power at the size of one’s bank account and we define them by those terms. It is no secret that Rihanna is stunning and her bank account is on “Fleek” and at times her partying overshadows her great strides in aiding those thAt are less fortunate. Philanthropy is defined but the desire to promote the welfare of others though support generous donations. Rihanna has met this call with grace and style while still staying true to herself. This is what compels us to her and why we simply cannot get enough of 116,It is a lot to be said of somEone that can use their power to give hope and promise. We know that is so much more to dome from a woman this beautiful on the inside and outside.

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Rihanna is a bomb and does not hesitate to prove it with the minimum of fabric scraps on her golden skin . So then she asked recently topless for the Brazilian edition of Vogue magazine, RiRi was revealed in thong while swimming at the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro on January 17 . Shots that ignited the web ! Proud of her perfect body , she just posted some new pictures of her revealing her gorgeous ass in swimsuit sexy black thong on his Instagram account , pink lipstick and hair ebony. And BadgalRiRi is not the only one to dare to wear a thong on the beach …

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