Saffron Sands – Erotic Shorts Ebook

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Saffron Sands – Erotic Shorts

Free Erotic Shorts


Saffron Sands

Copyright 2013 by Saffron Sands

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

Published by Forbidden Fruit

Cover Design by Saffron Sands

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


Mature Content Warning:

This ebook contains mature content and is intended for a mature audience only.

All characters portrayed in this work of fiction are consenting adults 18 years of age or older.

The six short stories in this bundle were originally available at

Every Night Erotica published my first story and I will be eternally grateful for that.

Unfortunately, the site was closed in October 2012

Bus Stop

Published: MAY 31, 2011

She bit her lip as her pussy ached with desire and moistened. Closing her eyes she imagined his large, rough hands caressing her face, neck then breasts. In her mind’s eye he squeezed the soft flesh of her tits and then gently pinched her erect nipples. The image caused her to gasp and wriggle in her seat. She slowly opened her eyes to see if anyone had noticed.

The bus was crowded this afternoon but the scent of the gentleman next to her was driving her wild! His cologne hung in the humid air. Barely able to control herself she inhaled deeply and crossed her legs causing the seam of her jean shorts to press firmly against her clit.

She closed her eyes again and concentrated on the rhythmic flutters of her wet pussy and the pulsating throb of her clit. Once again she breathed in another heavenly dose of the stranger’s scent. The bus hit a bump and she whimpered a little too loud as the rough seam in her shorts made contact with her swollen clit.

As casually as possible she glanced toward the stranger and he winked at her. She wanted to look away but it was too late. He was onto her. Her flushed cheeks gave her away for sure. He motioned with his eyes and a nod of his head for her to look down. As she did he slowly lifted the newspaper from his lap enough to reveal the bulge of his hard cock struggling in his pants.

Her eyes darted around to see if anyone else was looking their way. Confidant that all the other passengers appeared to be oblivious to them, she slowly slid her hand over to his lap and placed it under the newspaper. He tensed at first touch but relaxed just as quickly as she unzipped his pants and gently released his throbbing member from the confines of his Dockers. They both moaned softly under their breath as she placed her hand on his cock. It was hard and hot to the touch – she slowly ran her hand over it to feel every ridge, every vein with her eager fingertips. With her legs crossed even tighter now she hoped the bus would hit another bump. The waves in her pussy and clit increased and she tried to grind against the seam of her shorts without causing any suspicion to the other passengers. Her skin tingled as her blood rushed through her body, bringing every pore to life. She gripped the stranger’s cock firmly in her hand stroking it ever so slightly. She licked her lips and imagined him in her mouth, her tongue lightly licking and outlining the head of this beautiful rod, the musky scent coming off his pubes and the warmth of the pre-come in her mouth. She shuddered and felt herself about to climax. She looked at the stranger and he looked at her. The eye contact was too much for both of them and they came together with a little whimper and a shiver.

She reached in her purse and handed him a moist towelette got up and said “This is where I get off”. She made sure to jut her ass in his face as she stepped into the aisle. Calmly she exited the bus and sat on the little wooden bench at the bus stop. She closed her eyes and wondered about who would be riding the next bus.

* * * *


Published: JUNE 25, 2011

It was late and Sharon turned off the TV to get ready for bed. She was just getting her toothbrush when the phone rang. “Hello?” It was Robert in the apartment across the hall. She had talked to him in the hallway several times since he moved in a month ago. She was definitely attracted to him and he sounded lonely so, Sharon invited him over. When Robert arrived, they sat on the couch talking about nothing in particular, movies, weather and work. Basically enjoying each other’s company and getting to know one another.

“Would you like some wine?” She asked.

“Sounds great.”

Sharon grabbed a bottle of wine and two glasses carrying them to the living room. Robert opened the bottle and poured. Sharon took her glass and reclined on the couch, her dainty feet on his lap.

Robert took Sharon’s left foot in his hands and began rubbing in slow long strokes. His strong hands kneaded and massaged as the dim lighting and the wine began to take effect. After a few minutes she felt her body warming up, wanting more than a foot rub. Sharon grew moist between her legs – a soft sigh came from her lips. Deciding it best to pull away from her neighbor before things really could get uncomfortable she casually pulled her leg from his hands. As her foot brushed his crotch, she felt his hardness. Robert stopped touching her immediately and fidgeted when he realized his erection had been discovered. He cleared his throat and struggled for something to say.

Without saying a word Sharon gently used her foot to rub the bulge in his pants. She licked her lips as she caressed his hard cock. His desire increased along with his penis and it struggled for room against his jeans. Robert bit his lower lip and tried to muffle a moan but, Sharon saw the look of pleasure on his rugged face.

Placing a hand firmly on her ankle, Robert guided the rhythm. Sharon’s breath quickened as her excitement increased. Her pussy ached, her nipples grew harder under her thin night gown and his breathing got louder, his grip on her ankle tightening. Dying to kiss him, she pulled her foot away and clumsily climbed on top of him.

Their lips met tenderly, cautiously exploring the others mouth with their tongues. Robert held her tighter, gently pushing his pelvis to her. She shivered and sighed with pleasure.

Robert’s hands slid down her sides feeling every curve before coming to her ass, squeezing it firmly, kissing her with urgency. He let out a deep moan and grinded his hardness into her with a desperate need to satisfy his desire.

Sharon anxiously pulled at his shirt, her fingers craving the feel of his flesh – she lifted it over his head. At last she could run her hands over his muscular chest. She slowly explored his torso and arms and then removed her nightshirt revealing her breasts to him. His hands caressed her tits and he took a hard nipple in his mouth. His warm, velvety tongue sent waves of desire directly to her pussy.

Robert pushed Sharon back on the couch and hung over her, his eyes and hands taking in all of her beauty. He picked her up, carried her into the bedroom, and gently lay her on the bed. He slowly removed Sharon’s silk panties and took off the rest of his clothes as she lay back watching his every move.

Sharon sat up, pulled him to her kissing his chest, slowly getting on her knees making her way down to his stiff cock. Leisurely licking the head and rubbing it on her lips. A little at a time she took more of him into her hungry mouth. Robert grunted with every stroke, making Sharon wetter and hotter with every sound. Needing his hands on her skin she let go of his cock, pushed him on the bed and climbed on top. She shuddered with delight the instant his dick touched the opening of her wet pussy. Gradually, she inserted his throbbing penis into her, letting out a squeal as he filled her eager pussy.

His strong hands held her waist guiding her up and down as she straddled him. The pace hastened and Sharon whimpered with delight. Robert rolled her onto her back. Kissing her breasts, his hot breath stimulating every pore, he traveled down her stomach to her hips. With his tongue, Robert began licking tiny circles across her abdomen, as his hands gently spread her legs. She held her breath in anticipation as his tongue made its way to her thighs. She felt her clit pulsate as it awaited a turn with his eager tongue. Robert briefly flicked her clit with his tongue and then went back to her inner thigh.

Robert held her hips firmly, repeatedly grazing past her clit with his tongue until at last he took her in his mouth. She grabbed him, fists full of his hair as he moaned and licked hungrily, hands full of ass and a face full of pussy.

Not wanting to come without him inside, she gently pulled him up, sliding him into her. She clutched his ass, digging her nails into his tender flesh motioning him quicker and harder.

Her pussy clung to his dick as the wave built up, growing stronger as he pumped faster into her. Instantly, the waves crashed at the same time, immense pleasure sweeping over them. Robert grit his teeth as Sharon’s nails dug deeper into his ass. She squealed loudly as she climaxed. Robert groaning, his face scrunched as he came inside her.

Robert collapsed on top of Sharon’s sweaty body, cock still inside her. Softly she ran her fingers up and down his back her pussy shuddering around his dick as it twitched. Their breathing calmed down and he rolled next to Sharon, pulling her to him.

Together, skin on skin they got some well-earned sleep.

* * * *


Published: JULY 11, 2011

Writing the next part of my romance novel, I found myself lacking the words to go on.

I hadn’t been out in days. I only plugged in the phone when I needed to order Chinese as I struggled to come up with a love scene.

A close friend became worried and showed up at my door. It was good to see her and have someone to discuss my writer’s block.

She suggested I hook up with a guy and get my missing scene. I blushed and told her that I didn’t know of anyone right now. My last boyfriend, growing intolerant of my obsessive writing behavior left in search of someone that “Went outside the house once in awhile”.

She said not to worry. She had an idea involving a male friend of hers that was in town just for a few days and was going to set up a blind date.

At first I was hesitant. I never liked blind dates but with a little persuasion I decided to go for it. I had to have my love scene no matter what.

She called her friend and set it up. We were to meet at a local restaurant at 5:30 for a nice romantic dinner and the rest was up to me. It was only lunchtime so I had time to run to the store and get something sexier than the sweat pants I had grown so fond of. I found a nice black slip dress with a neckline that accented my ample breasts and the softness of the material made my skin tingle as it brushed over me when I moved.

I had the dress and a nice pair of high heels at home but I felt like I needed more so I stopped by the lingerie section. As I browsed through the bras and panties, I came across a garter belt. I purchased the black garter and thong panties to match.

I got my shower and fixed my hair and makeup. Once I was dressed, my heart began to flutter, my mind racing with all the things that could go wrong and I wanted tonight to be perfect.

Five O’clock came and I left for the restaurant. As I entered I could smell the magnificent aroma of Italian spices. I told the maître d’ my name and he escorted me to a table, and the sexiest man I have ever set eyes on. His eyes followed me as I walked nearer, standing up when I got to the table. I could do nothing for what seemed like an eternity as I took in his handsome face. His eyes were smoky blue and his smile made me weak at the knees.

He introduced himself with a voice that sent chills up my spine. I introduced myself and we ordered some wine. After a few sips I began to relax.

He spoke of his home in Colorado and of the magnificence of the mountains with a description that made me feel like I had been standing there with him. I told him of the rush I got from living in New York City, and how I loved having everything I could ever wish for at my fingertips.

Our food arrived and I nibbled at my salad as I intently watched him eat. He ate aggressively and I couldn’t help but wonder if he was that aggressive in bed.

After dinner, he asked if I would be interested in having a drink at his hotel. How could I say no when that was exactly what I had hoped for.

We took a taxi to his hotel and the scent of his cologne drove my senses mad as we sat together in the confined space. It took all the restraint I had not to reach over and pull him to me. Out the corner of my eye I could see him stirring in his seat as he restrained himself too.

At last we arrived and took the elevator up to his floor. We had hardly said a word to each other since we left the restaurant and the sexual tension was building as we reached his room. He opened the door and motioned for me to go in first. I walked past him, my eyes going directly to the king size bed, graphic images of all the things we could do danced through my mind. I heard the door shut and the lock click causing my stomach to flutter with anticipation.

I turned as casually as I could to look at him as he loosened his tie and offered me a drink. I could tell he was nervous, his strong hand trembled slightly as he handed me a glass of wine. Our hands brushed causing chills to run through me. I hadn’t been this turned on in ages and my panties got wetter with every move of his body.

We sat at the end of the bed and looked at each other. I began talking of how I don’t usually go on blind dates. I knew I was babbling and not making much sense. In an attempt to distract him from my talking, I sat my glass on the nightstand and bent down to remove my shoes. I felt his gaze heavy on my body and then felt a large warm hand on my back, gently running up and down the length of my spine. A small moan escaped me and I slowly sat up to face him. My legs were quivering and my breath became quick as the desire in his eyes penetrated me. He set his glass aside and I could see the hardness of his cock struggling against the material of his pants as he walked past me. I bit my lip my eagerness to have him getting the best of me, I reached for his hand as he came back by me. He gently took my hand and I pulled him down to his knees, spreading my legs, and placing his arms around me. I slowly moved my hands up his arms, to the back of his head, wrapping my fingers in his thick brown hair. Staring deep into his eyes, I moved in closer to kiss his lips. As we made contact I felt so weak that I briefly feared I would faint. The taste of his mouth, softness of his lips and the smell of his cologne were so intoxicating that my kiss became forceful as the hunger for him consumed me. I moaned and pulled him closer to me. He responded with deep-throated groans and held me tighter. His strong hands began to roam my body, every inch he touched became alive, begging for more when he gently pushed me back onto the bed and stood over me. He softly placed his hands on my shoulders, moving them down my body, slipping the dress straps and revealing my bra. He lifted the hem of my dress and slid it up to reveal my garter and panties. On his knees once again, he teasingly kissed the soft flesh of my stomach, slowly outlining the black material of my panties. His hands slipped under the straps of the garter on my thighs and with one knowledgeable movement the hooks were removed from my stockings and I felt them being rolled down my legs. With his hands back on me he started from my ankles and moved up to my waiting pussy. His breath on my skin sending goose bumps in every direction, causing my heart to flutter.

I felt his hands glide up to my ass and slip under the thin material of my thong and with a quick snap they were off. I gasped out loud and sat up. He looked a little concerned that he had gone too far so I quickly grabbed his head and directed him to my breasts. He latched on to my right nipple immediately and I pulled him closer as the sensations overtook me. My eager hands swept around to his broad chest and fumbled with the top button. I hesitated a moment and then pushed him back, grabbing the front of his shirt and ripped it open. Buttons flew everywhere and the sound of them hitting the wall and floor turned me on even more.

He lifted me, allowing my dress to fall to the floor, and turned me around. With a firm hand, he leaned me over the bed and I heard his pants hit the floor. Slowly he entered the head of his rock hard cock in me a little at a time, teasing me. His strong hands on my ass preventing me from pushing back to get more of him, he continued this lovely form of torture and I whimpered my approval as the tip popped in and out of my velvety opening.

Unable to stand it any more, I pulled away and motioned for him to lie on the bed. With a grin, he agreed. I crawled over to him placing a hand on his manhood. He shuddered as I grabbed it firmly in my hand. Slowly I took him into my mouth. I could feel the heat coming off him – smell the musky scent of myself as I licked the head of this beautiful cock. My tongue eagerly traced the veins and ridges of every wonderful inch of him, occasionally taking him fully into my mouth, he moaned and my pussy got wetter.

He grabbed my arms and pulled me up to him shoving his tongue deep into my mouth. He rolled me on my back and climbed on top of me, I spread my legs to welcome him, without hesitation his throbbing cock was deep inside of me.

He pumped me with the same hunger and eagerness I had seen in the restaurant and my pussy welcomed every thrust. I could feel the walls of my pussy contracting and grasping at his rigid member. My breasts bouncing to the beat of our pelvic ramming, I grasped a tit in my hand and pinched my nipple. The slight pain enhanced the waves now gathering in my clit. I squealed and urged him on grunting, “Fuck me, fuck me hard!”

This encouraged him and gave him the permission he needed to let me have it and he pounded his cock into me so hard I screamed “Yes! That’s it!”

I felt sweat dripping off his hot body onto mine, my pussy so wet the juice ran down my ass as I felt the moment I had longed for rising in me. I looked directly in his eyes and he could see this was it. He hammered my begging pussy and I grabbed his arms, coming harder than I had ever come before. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and my toes curled as if bowing to this wonderful man and his dick. My pussy clenched him tighter and pulsated coaxing the come out of him. He unloaded in me with an animalistic groan and the warmth of his fluid filled me.

As I lay there panting, I smiled because not only did I have the world’s happiest pussy but also I had more than enough inspiration to finish my story.

* * * *


Published: SEPTEMBER 1, 2011

It had been a hell of a day with kids arguing and my temper flaring. All I could think about was getting a break and a chance to relax.

I was far from being in a Betty Crocker frame of mind so I sent the kids outside to play for a while, telling them we could go out for dinner and ice cream when Daddy got home. At this point, I was willing to purchase an ice cream parlor if it would give me five minutes of peace and quiet.

Thankfully the kids agreed without an argument and went out the door. While they were playing, I sat on the couch flipping through channels when something caught my attention. There on the television screen was a couple having obviously mind-blowing sex.

The buxom actress squirmed with delight as the handsome actor kissed her breasts and pounded into her with his cock. There was a sheet strategically covering the good bits but you easily got the drift of what was going on underneath the red silk!

“That’s exactly what I need.” A smile came to my face as the actor’s moans shot a shiver through my body.

I was totally enthralled in the lovemaking scene when I heard the door creaking open, I quickly changed the channel.

“I’m home.” My husband said.

“Hello.” I practically sang as I ran to him, wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him.

Still excited from the visions that the TV had put in my head, the urge to have him was more than I could stand. The gentle kiss that we usually greet each other with wasn’t going to be enough today. I pressed my lips firmly to his and slipped my anxious tongue in his mouth. His lips parted and let me in, my stomach fluttered and I needed more. I couldn’t resist shoving my tongue in deeper, desperate to taste him.

Greg matched my passion and pulled me close. We stood there kissing until my legs were wobbly.

When our lips parted, he smiled and asked, “What has gotten into you?”

I whispered in his ear, “I need you inside me as soon as possible.”, and stepped away from him, casually dragging my hand across the bulge in his khaki pants.

Both of us were ready to rip off of our clothes and hit the bed, the problem was the kids were still up for about another four hours. Since I was feeling particularly naughty, I decided to tease Greg until the kids were fast asleep and I could extinguish the fire that was stirring in my jeans.

It was dangerous, the way I acted the entire evening but Greg loved it! I fondled his ass and crotch when I was sure no one in the restaurant would notice. When I leaned in to tell him something I would nibble his ear or nuzzle his neck. He was so turned on by my behavior that he continually had to block his erection from view. His mischievous grin and the sparkle in his eyes only encouraged me to continue rubbing up against him and massaging his cock through his pants every chance I could get.

At last, the kids were in bed, and I could drop the Mommy character for the rest of the evening. I grabbed Greg’s hand, leading him down the hall to our bedroom. My legs trembled and my panties were wet at the thought of things to come. Once in the bedroom I pushed him on the bed and locked the door.

“You have been a naughty girl tonight. Where did all this come from?”

“I’ve had enough of being Mommy and I want to be something else tonight.” I said playfully approaching him.

Greg sat on the edge of our bed and as I stood in front of him I ran my hands up and down his arms slowly feeling his large biceps. Just caressing his arms made my body spring to life. I felt the blood rushing through my veins and my skin becoming more sensitive. I slowly moved my hands over his shoulders and across his broad chest. My hands shook as I began to unbutton his shirt. I pulled his neatly tucked shirt out of his pants and slipped it off his shoulders, admiring his manly chest.

Greg teasingly slid his hands up my thighs as I leaned in and nuzzled his neck, smelling his cologne, the intoxicating scent of him made me light headed. I gently ran my lips across his neck and gave him a few playful bites.

Greg grabbed me by the waist, pulling me to him and onto the bed in one quick movement.

“Enough of this teasing, I want you so bad it hurts.”

He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my lips to his. He forcefully shoved his tongue in my mouth and I responded just as vigorously. Our tongues moved together, the velvety sensation driving me crazy and I could feel my pussy pulsating.

Simultaneously we began grasping at each other’s clothes in a mad rush, hungry for the feel of skin. With clothes successively thrown about the room, Greg got on top of me and eagerly kissed my neck sending tingles through every nerve in my body and gathering between my legs. The sensation made me moan and wriggle my hips in search of his swollen cock. I tried to place my hands on Greg’s arms as he moved to my right breast and he pinned them firmly to the mattress.

“Don’t move. I want you to lay back and enjoy.”

I lay there as still as I could while his tongue flicked at my rock hard nipples. My back arched begging for more but Greg just lightly touched them stirring up my already sensitive body. Hungrily he sucked up my right nipple into his mouth, sucking it and lightly pinching the other. I grabbed handfuls of pillow in an effort to keep my hands off him, gasping and writhing in delight.

Greg released my nipple, and teasingly licked my stomach as he gradually moved down to my wet pussy. He tenderly kissed all around my pelvis and the inside of my thighs. I could feel myself getting wetter with every touch of his lips and shivers shot through me when his steamy breath made contact with my skin. I squirmed as he paid attention to areas that I had forgotten existed.

Greg crawled back up beside me and lay on his left side, rolling me onto my left and pulled me tight to him so his cock poked me from behind. With his left arm under me he was able to hold me in place while his right arm was free to fondle me.

He raised my leg up, draping it over him then slipped his erect cock between my legs. He moved his hips slowly rubbing my clit with the head of his cock. His breathing quickened and he held me tighter.

I gasped every time he passed over my clitoris sending lightening quick shivers all over my body. As he continued I felt a wave starting in my pussy and slowly rising. I reached back with my right arm and grabbed his hair pulling him to me.

“Not yet, Baby. I’m not even close to being done with you.” He whispered in my ear.

I let out a sigh partially in frustration but mainly in anticipation of what my husband was going to do next.

With my leg still draping him, he slid his hand between my legs, his fingers gliding easily over my moistened pussy. My pussy twitched and the lightening shot through me yet again. He didn’t move his hand or his fingers, just sat his hand there and applied pressure to my clit and let my pussy beg for more.

I wanted to move but the warmth of his hand and the gentle pressure he applied was so incredible I didn’t have to. We lay there motionless and panting. My pussy quivered again, sending unbelievable pleasure throughout me like a ripple on a pond. We could stand it no more and he plunged his cock deep inside me.

I let out a deep-throated moan and grabbed his arm. He thrust into me hard and quick and I just held on and enjoyed every inch of him. Our sweaty bodies smacked together and the sound of it pushed me closer to climax. With every thrust, he grunted and held me tighter.

“Roll over. I want on top.” I said with what little breath I had.

Greg flipped onto his back and I climbed right on. I inserted his engorged cock into my pussy, sliding slowly down, dragging out the incredible sensation. As I swallowed him completely he grabbed my waist.

With my legs straddling him I raised myself up and down his long shaft. I was aware of all the details of his cock. The way it curves to the left and the notch when I reached the head.

Sitting on top of him, I had the freedom to wiggle and grind at my own pace. I moved up and down just a little at a time and then in small circles and as I did this make shift belly dance, our moans got progressively louder as the intensity of the sensations increased.

Sensing that I was about to climax, Greg placed his hands on my hips helping me to sustain my position and keeping up the rhythm. I leaned forward placing my hands on his chest digging my nails into his sweaty flesh. He groaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure and I felt his body stiffen as he tried to drive his cock in me just a little further, spraying his load deep into me.

The feeling of his burst pushed me over the edge and warmth shot through my blood.

I inhaled deeply as the pleasure rushed through me; a little sigh escaped my lips. I began to relax as the ride came to an end but just as quickly another orgasm came over me only more intense. I rotated my hips rubbing my swollen clit into the hairy pubic bone of my husband. The wave crashed into my pussy and flowed into every bit of my being followed by a warm tingle that jumped from cell to cell. My toes curled and I was about to scream when Greg covered my mouth with his hand. I squealed and moaned and my breath came in quick gasps. As my orgasm leveled out I shuddered and collapsed onto Greg’s chest. He stroked the small of my back gently and let out soft moans as my pussy repeatedly contracted and released his cock.

“That was one hell of an orgasm.” Greg said.

I gently kissed him on the lips and replied, “That’s one hell of a dick.”

* * * *

A New Love

Published: SEPTEMBER 26, 2011

Her skin came to life once again as his hands brushed over her. She could feel the tiny hairs on her flesh rising to meet his fingers, longing for his touch just one more time. She closed her eyes and deeply breathed in his scent, a mixture of cologne and sweat, then slowly exhaled, ever so grateful for whatever had brought them together this fateful night.

They lie naked in the dark room with only the moonlight to see their way around each other’s bodies, clothes strewn around, and the sheets crumpled and tangled as evidence of their sexual encounter.

A giggle escaped her.

“What?” He asked, rolling her over to face him.

“I was just thinking how none of my friends are ever going believe me when I tell them about this night.”

“What is so hard to believe?” He asked and brushed a strand of red hair from her face.

She rolled on top of him feeling his moist skin, still dewy from their last tumble in the sheets. She straddled him surprised and delighted at the feel of his erection.

“You, this.” She looked him in the eyes “I can barely believe the events of this night and I am here, living it.” She smiled.

Colin ran his hands over Leslie’s thighs, over her thin waist and around her back, pulling her down to him. He kissed her softly on the nose then on the mouth. He didn’t say it out loud but he couldn’t believe he was with this beautiful woman either. How he had won her heart he would never know but he was the happiest 18 year old in the world tonight and nothing could ever take that away from him. His friends would all be jealous when he told them about his escapade with Mrs. Leslie Laurence, his married science teacher.

Leslie sighed as their lips parted. She opened her eyes and ran her hands over his smooth, hairless chest. She lifted herself onto his stiff cock and they both moaned as she took all of him deep inside her.

Leslie had never cheated on her husband before but, Colin was worth it. She hadn’t realized just how badly she missed being touched until Colin and shown her. At forty-five years old her husband’s emotional distance had made her feel too old for love and caused her to forget the excitement of that first kiss and the rush of blood coursing through your veins when someone eager to be with you caresses your skin.

Colin’s hands held her waist firmly as Leslie slowly began to rotate her hips, sending shivers of pleasure through her pussy. She kept her hands firmly planted on his bare chest and stared intently at his face, imprinting the image of his hazel eyes, his thin lips and perfect teeth onto her brain, an image she would cherish for the rest of her life. His youth and energy, made her feel alive again and invincible to the harsh world outside their little hotel room.

Colin guided Leslie trying to keep her pace slow. Leslie was so eager to pound him into her he had to keep her under control in order not to cum too early. Her hot pussy juice dripped around his cock and down his balls as she danced on his rod sending sensations through him he had never dreamt possible.

He flipped her over on her stomach and pulled her rear end up in the air, slowly inserted the tip of his cock into her and gave her a playful slap on the ass. Leslie squealed and pushed herself to him in an attempt to get him further inside her.

Colin held her ass cheek firmly in place with one hand and smacked her buttock again with his right. “Stay still.” He whispered to her and leaned in pulling her arm out from under her and around to her back. Leslie’s face fell into the soft pillow and Colin held her wrist tightly in his left hand. He wanted to release her from the chains of everyday love making and take her on new sexual adventures.

Leslie moaned as he plunged his cock deep into her and she wagged her behind at him. Colin smacked her ass again, harder this time, leaving a red mark on her porcelain white ass cheek. “Stay still!” he said firmly this time. She bit her lip and held still as he pounded her roughly and deliberately. Each penetration sent waves of ecstasy through her body, the wetness of her pussy running down her thighs as she moaned louder and louder.

Colin stopped and pulled out. “You like to be spanked don’t you?”

“Yeah, I guess I do.” She said softly and kind of embarrassed.

“Well, just so happens that I like to spank, so why don’t you come lay your naughty ass across my lap so I can give you a proper bad girl spanking.”

Colin sat at the edge of the bed and waited for Leslie to position herself across his legs. He reached over to the night stand and picked up her hairbrush. Her eyes widened as she watched him firmly grasp the wooden handle, knowing he was going to use it as a paddle. She felt her mouth go dry as she positioned herself across his lap. Leslie bit her lip and closed her eyes, bracing herself for what was to come. Colin teasingly ran the cool wooden hairbrush up her thigh and over her right butt cheek, across to her left cheek and down her thigh making a slow torturous circle. He pulled the brush back and in a forward thrust he swung it at Leslie’s behind, stopping just before he made contact. Leslie gasped at the cool breeze that swept past her bottom and the surprise of not getting the smack on her behind that she had expected.

Colin began to run the brush over her flesh again in the same circle “Such a sweet ass you have Mrs. Laurence. Such lovely soft, pale skin.” Colin smiled and then raised the brush and smacked her quickly on the ass. Leslie jumped and squealed and Colin quickly ran his hand over the stinging red cheek to sooth it. Leslie moaned as his hand caressed the stinging skin, bit her lip and closed her eyes again.

“Such a beautiful ass.” Colin ran the brush around her behind and over her legs and then, with a quick swing he smacked her ass again. She shot up and tried to rub her behind but Colin quickly put her back down on his lap. “Now, now Mrs. Laurence, let’s not make our spanking any worse by struggling with me.”

Leslie’s breath came at a rapid pace and her heart felt like it would jump out of her chest at the anticipation of her next swat on the ass. Colin flipped the brush over and ran the soft bristles over her stinging flesh sending chills up her spine. He slid the wooden handle over her bottom and into her ass crack, sliding it down to her wet labia where it glided over her silky pussy and sensitive clitoris. She shuddered as the polished handle made contact with her clit and emitted a soft whimper.

Colin sat the brush down and rubbed her rosy cheeks tenderly with his hand, one arm firmly across her shoulder blades to keep her from shooting up again. Smack! Went his hand and Leslie squirmed. Smack! She could feel his hard cock poking her stomach as she lay exposed across his lap. Smack! She felt a tear in her eye but the pleasure she was experiencing was far too wonderful to ask Colin to stop now. He caressed the tender skin lovingly and without warning spanked her again and again. Leslie squealed and moaned. She wiggled just enough to make it seem she was trying to sit up and Colin would smack her a little harder.

“Look at that, a perfect, rosy red bottom, just for me.” Colin smiled quite pleased with himself. “Now let’s stick that ass in the air so I can have my way with it.

Leslie placed her hands on the bed and Colin mounted her from behind. Gently he stuck the head of his cock in her swollen pussy and rammed into her burning ass cheeks as he steadily increased the rhythm. He slid easily in and out of her wet pussy as he grasped her firmly by the waist, holding her in place.

She moaned and panted with each stroke feeling her body getting closer to the edge of pleasure when she stopped him. “Colin let me on top.”

“As you wish my dear.” Colin pulled out and lay on the bed with pillows to support his head against the wooden headboard.

Leslie climbed on top of Colin and straddled him slowly sliding his cock into her quivering pussy. He groaned as his hard dick slid into the warmth of Leslie and the now familiar muscles once again tightened around him ready to coax the cum from his very core. She sat on him taking him into her completely and let out a sigh.

Colin leaned forward and took her nipple into his mouth, his warm tongue flicking the tip and then once again taking the full nipple into his mouth. He switched back and forth between her firm breasts and then pinched a rouge nipple as he suckled the other. Leslie’s pussy contracted and she began to slowly ride his cock and moan. Colin released her breasts and put his hands on her hips, guiding her rhythm as she rode his dick up and down and then grinded into his pelvic bone. She felt herself losing control and shoved Colin’s hands aside. Leslie grabbed the headboard with both hands and slammed herself into him over and over, pumping him harder and faster. The bed creaked and they moaned in unison as Leslie slammed his cock into her cunt. Suddenly the climax over took her and she let out a guttural cry as she felt Colin’s load empty into her, filling her pussy with warm waves of immense pleasure. He wrapped his arms around her and held her firmly in place as he shuddered , thrusting his cock into her a few more times squirting the last of his cum deep into her eager pussy.

Leslie shivered and released the headboard, slipped off of Colin’s cock and onto the mattress. She lay there panting, soaked in sweat and ecstasy. Colin out of breath ran a trembling hand through her long red hair. She couldn’t remember being any happier than she was now, with her new young lover.

Colin pulled Leslie close to him and held her tightly in his arms. He planted a soft kiss on her forehead and smiled as he thought how lucky he was to have such a beautiful older woman by his side. She would teach him many things about life and in return he would teach her many things about pleasure.

* * * *

Underneath the Willow Tree

Published: APRIL 7, 2012

Lilly relaxed on the back porch swing of her parent’s old plantation house. As she drank a tall, cold glass of lemonade, she slowly rocked herself back and forth with her long slim legs.

It was hot and sticky, as it usually is on an August day in Georgia, so Lilly wrapped her auburn hair in a ponytail to cool her neck. She lifted her long white sundress up over her knees and tucked the lacy material in a bunch between her thighs.

She continued to swing slowly. She looked down at her bare feet, and admired her red painted toes. The sweat from her cold glass ran down the sides and dripped on the hot skin of her leg. The drop sent a chill through her as she watched the tiny cold bead roll down the length of her leg.

Lilly glanced across the yard at the giant old weeping willow. The old willow had stood proudly in the back yard for as long as Lilly could remember, the green canopy offering her a place of shade and privacy. Her smile grew as she thought of all the things that big old tree had witnessed Lilly do over the years.

She took a sip of the sweet lemonade and listened to the ice cubes clink as she thought of playing under the full, low hanging branches of the tree as a child. She remembered how she and her girlfriends would have tea parties. They all sat with dolls and teddy bears in a circle on a little red and white checked blanket, their guests eating little sandwiches her Mama had made. They would laugh and drink pretend tea in the cool shade of the branches till it was time for her friends to go home.

Lilly giggled out loud as she recalled her first kiss. The graceful old tree had hidden her and James as he snuck a peck on the mouth while Daddy sat on the porch reading the newspaper. She smiled as she saw James’ frightened face in her mind’s eye. He had practically head-butted Lilly as he darted in and kissed her on the lips, before quickly running away, terrified of being caught.

Lilly ran her hand up her thigh and sighed as she now thought about how she had allowed Roger to seduce her. She was only nineteen when she had given her virginity to him on a hot day like today. Her smile turned to a sly grin as she held the image of his handsome face in her thoughts.

Lilly’s parents were away for the day and night leaving Lilly in charge of the house. She phoned Roger as soon as they pulled out of the long tree lined driveway. He rushed over, eager to be alone with his young girlfriend.

Lilly pulled her legs up on the swing and closed her eyes as she pictured that day under the tree with Roger. He spread a blanket on the ground beneath the giant willow and they lay there in the shade talking and holding hands. They both knew what was going to happen, but neither had the courage to initiate just yet.

Lilly was nervous and trembling when Roger finally rolled on top of her, and kissed her gently on the lips. Roger looked her in the eyes and spoke in a shaky voice “Lilly, you know how much I want you and umm, we won’t do anything you don’t want to but…”

Lilly kissed him to shut him up and held him tight. She ran her long fingers through his sandy brown hair, pulling him to her, kissing him so hard she thought her lips might bleed.

Roger held her tiny frame tight, pressing his hardness against her crotch as he tasted her mouth. Their tongues slid together in a rhythmic dance as Roger pressed himself to Lilly, grinding and moaning while he held her close. He ran his hands over the curves of her waist, up to her breasts, his breaths in rapid bursts as her body responded to him.

Roger rose to his knees and looked down at Lilly. Her porcelain skin was flushed with excitement and her auburn hair was mussed from the kissing and groping. She ran her hand over the outline of his bulge through the faded denim, popped the button then unzipped his pants.

Roger moaned as Lilly’s hand caressed his cock, only the thin cloth of his underwear now between her delicate hand and his erect penis. She loved the way his hardness felt in her hand, and the way it made her pussy flutter as she felt the heat coming off his cock. Lilly looked up at him with lust filled, hazel eyes and whispered “I’m ready.”

Roger swallowed hard, smiled and unhooked her pants with trembling hands. She lifted her behind shimmying out of them with his assistance. Lilly slipped her red panties off as Roger stood to remove his clothes.

Roger knelt down, lifting her thin, pink blouse over her head. She wore no bra and he gasped as he got his first look at her perky breasts.

He lightly ran his hand over her firm breasts, focusing on her nipples. He caressed the erect nubs with his thumbs as he cupped her breasts in his hand then gently took one in his mouth. Lilly arched her back, moaning as she offered herself to him.

Warm, wonderful sensations coursed through her body, converging between her legs, as Roger suckled her nipple. He slid a hand over her tummy to her pubic mound. Lilly’s stomach fluttered as he continued to her wet slit.

Lilly gasped, opening her legs wider, allowing her boyfriend access to her delicate labia and clitoris.

Roger lightly ran his fingertips over her slick pussy in a small circular motion, spreading her juice over the entire area, making Lilly whimper. She began to lift her hips to his hand, squirming with the pleasure of his touch.

Roger slipped his middle finger between her labia, separating them and poking the tip of his finger gently in her hole. Lilly panted and reached for his arm, pulling his hand away from her now overly sensitive pussy.

She pulled him closer, wrapping him between her long legs. Roger kissed her lightly on the lips and looked down at her flushed face. Lilly ran her hands up his back, over his broad shoulders and down his arms. She gripped him firmly, and nodded.

Roger placed the tip of his penis at her entrance, groaning as he felt her wetness on him for the first time. He rubbed it over her swollen labia sending a million sparks of pleasure through both their bodies as he prepared to enter her.

Lilly closed her eyes and moaned. She lifted her hips to him as he slipped the tip inside her. He slowly filled her for the first time, breaking through her hymen. Lilly gasped and stared up at Roger with wide eyes. She lightly bit her lip as the pain of losing her virginity passed and the pleasure of being a woman was upon her.

Roger watched her face, eagerly following her lead. Lilly wrapped her legs around him, rubbing her clit on his pelvic bone.

Roger began to pump faster. Increasing his thrusts as Lilly’s moans of pleasure began to rise out of her throat in a rhythmic chant. She gripped his arms tight, her nails sinking into his flesh. He groaned as he watched the expressions of pleasure wash over her beautiful face. Sweat drops formed on his upper lip and beads of sweat between Lilly’s beautiful breasts as he grinded into her. She began to squeal and her already snug pussy began to tighten and twitch on his cock.

Lilly looked up at Roger watching the passion in his eyes as he pumped in and out of her. Her body was so alive she couldn’t believe what was happening to it. Every pore tingled as if little electrical shocks were traveling throughout her. She tried to be quiet but was unable to hold back. Her moaning louder as the waves in her body became more frequent. At last she felt herself begin to come and Lilly uncontrollably tightened her grip on Roger.

The heat and intensity of the sensations over took Roger and he exploded into Lilly. His body shuddered, his cock twitched as he came inside Lilly. Roger stayed deep in her, enjoying the contractions as her walls continued to caress his cock. Lilly lay there, panting, damp with sweat. Roger held eye contact with her until he bent forward to kiss her.

A cool wind blew and a rumble of thunder shook Lilly back to reality and the visions of her first time faded back to wherever it had come from. She looked to the sky and saw the big gray storm clouds moving in.

Another flash of lightning accompanied by an earth shaking crash of thunder sent chills through her. The tiny hairs on her skin stood up as the storms force increased. She could feel the electricity in the air as the wind blew. She looked out to the old willow as the rain began to pour down around her. It was raining so hard she could barely see the mighty tree.

Lilly went inside and sat on the couch. She glanced at the photos around her in the living room. She gazed at the pictures of her and Roger through the years. Their wedding day, their honeymoon, and the photos of them with their two children decorated the room.

She wrapped her arms around herself, sighing as she closed her eyes, the image of Roger in her mind. She missed him more and more each day and wondered if she would ever get over his passing.

As she sat on the sofa she felt a warm embrace, like arms around her shoulders. She sighed deeply and opened her eyes. She heard the wind howl and looked outside to see the rain had stopped and the sun was peeking through the clouds, forming a rainbow.

The rainbow arched high in the sky landing on Lilly’s precious willow tree. The beautiful image brought tears to her eyes. Lilly would always miss her husband, but she would be okay.

* * * *

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