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nude  naked bare nu  tattoo  glamour  topless  fitness  alternative  models  So what began was a very interesting and very funny (not to mention insanely sexual) interview with the one and only Saven Mi. But guys beware — this girl is a tease.
“I’ve blue-balled some guys before. I usually tell them I’m waiting for marriage,” Saven tells me while laughing. I got the feeling that she probably always has the upper hand when it comes to guys.
“Guys have to know that I’m always joking about sex, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to have sex with them. A lot of guys take it the wrong way and think just because I was talking about masturbation with them that I’m going to have sex with them.”
Enjoy the full interview. Saven is single so maybe one of you can tame this wild beast.
How did you get into modeling?
I looked at what some other import models were doing and imitated them at first. Getting all my photos on social media – Tumbir, Facebook. I also tried doing some vlogs, and right now I’m working on my YouTube channel.
Which one of these girls would you hook up with? Justene Jaro definitely. What about her sister Dawn?
Oh yeah. Both of those girls are super hot. We could have a threesome. An incestuous threesome haha. That would be so freakin’ hot. I kid lol.
How did you start telling your mom Jokes?
Well, they’re not really jokes. It’s actually because I tucked your mom. I’m just storytelling.
Are you actually lesbian? You seem like it.
“They’re not really jokes. It’s actually be-cause I fucked your mom…” Saven Mi on why she always tells `your mom’ jokes
Do you have a favorite car show?
Import Fest. I go there every year and I know they always get the hottest models and photographers.
Who are the hottest import models?
Dannie Riel and Amy Fay. Steph Ly was one of my favorites too. Justene Jaro is my favorite too. If Justene did a porno I’d watch it.
I might be. I think I’m bicurious. I didn’t really know how lesbians had sex so I asked one of my lesbian friends if they actually scissored and she said no that hurts.
I’ve had some opportunities. I’ve had a bi girl tell me to eat her out but I just said no. I think I was too scared at the time — I wasn’t ready for it. I’m afraid that I’m going to get a nasty vagina. I used to do laser hair removal for bikinis and I’ve had some bad vaginas when I worked and it was really nasty… So I’m afraid that’s going to happen when I go down on a girl.
But still it’s on my bucket list.
What’s the best way for a guy or a girl to approach you?
My initial reaction would probably depend on whether I’m attracted to him or not, but if he turns out to be really funny and cool I might give him a chance.

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Has anything crazy happened as a model?
I almost got human trafficked (not really, but I thought so). I went to the Maldives recently in a group trip, it was all comped because they just wanted hot models to go on the trip. Before we got there I had a model friend that kept making me worry by saying “omg what if we get human trafficked.” It made me super paranoid, but at the time I didn’t really think human trafficking was a possibility.
But then the head person of our group asked for all our passports, and I started getting really scared. I thought to myself, “Oh no, this is it, I’m going to die now…”
Luckily nothing happened though and everything was legit.
What’s your typical day like?
I wake up. Then masturbate for 10 hours. Then go back to sleep. YOLO! Haha just kidding.
You’re not kidding.
Besides masturbation, what do you do? Traveling. I love traveling. I just went to Japan. Why travel? You’re Just going to be masturbating at every destination.
Well it’s all about masturbating at different places. Just imagine being on top of the mountain and masturbating. Or under the bridge at Venice Beach… masturbating.
Have you ever felt the need to masturbate in public? Like you Just got so horny that you needed to Just whip it out?
“Well it’s all about masturbating at different places. Just imagine being on top of the mountain and masturbating. Or under the bridge at Venice Beach… masturbating.”
Yeah I’m not. I actually use the Magic Wand a lot. It’s my favorite vibrator. Why not get a syblan? What’s that? Oh it’s the sex toy that vibrates when you sit on it. Oh right. Your mom told me about it. I was using it on her the other day.
Yeah. at Shibuya Crosswalk. You know that’s the largest and busiest crosswalk in the world right? It’s a really long walk so I got horny in between. Japanese people love that stuff. Not too many people looked at me.
Okay just kidding about that last story. I obviously haven’t.
So since you recently went to Japan, did you find the Japanese men perverted?
Yeah they’re pretty perverted. But they mainly prefer Anime girls to real women. They have all these sex dolls that are anime-looking. I went into a store and did a viog and I was like, “I’ll get this one, that one, and maybe that one” and I pointed to a sex doll that looked like a 6-year-old girl. JUST KIDDING!
But I do like Japanese porn. Hentai especially. Tentacle porn. WOW so much kidding in this interview. Guys, please don’t take this interview too seriously!


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So you’re single right now?
Yeah. I haven’t found the right guy… or girl. I mean your mom is a pretty good catch but I don’t think I’m ready to settle down.
Well my mom has already gone through menopause so you’d have to be the one to get pregnant.
That’s true. Artificial insemination can work. But on a serious note. Guys are such dickheads. Why are they dickheads?
A lot of reasons. I lot of guys are really inconsiderate. One of the guys I dated was so jealous and insecure that if I went out he would just think I was looking for dick to suck. Ifs such a turn-off. Or a guy told me he was hanging with his guy friends but he was with a girl. My friend was at the same bar and told me he was with another girl. Luckily I wasn’t serious with those guys.
want to stay home and play video games. I like watching movies every once in a while but I don’t want to do that 24/7.
A guy that doesn’t like trying new things is so boring. That’s the worst thing. You have to be very exciting.
Do you think there’s something guys are doing wrong in terms of dating?
It depends on the guy. Some guys are not aggressive enough. Some guys are too aggressive. I find a lot of guys are insecure and have a lot of jealousy. I hate guys that automatically assume that just because I take provocative photos I’m a slut which I hate. I might say sexual jokes, but they need to know that I’m kidding 99% of the time.
“A guy that doesn’t like trying new things is so boring. That’s the worst thing. You have to be very exciting.”
How do you know when someone is serious?
Ifs hard to say, but it’s just a feeling. I’ve had times though when I felt serious about another guy but he didn’t feel the same about me and vice versa. There was one guy who was absolutely perfect for me but I found out later he already had a girlfriend.
Why was he perfect for you?
He was just my type. He was tall, dark, handsome. Muscular. Tatted up. A really cool guy. He was really fun too. He was adventurous. I like guys that like traveling so it’s like having a travel buddy. I don’t like the guys that just
What do you look for a guy?
I actually don’t want a rich or handsome guy. Just an average guy would be nice. They tend to treat you better. When a guy is too rich or handsome they usually think they’re the shit and they can get whatever they want. They think they can get 20 girls so they don’t care about you.
If you were a guy, what kind of guy would you be?
I’ve thought about this a lot. I think I’d be the biggest manwhore. You know that double standard where men can have sex with as many girls as possible and they’re the man? Yeah that’s unfortunate but that’s how it is.
But the first thing I’d do is jerk off. I’ve always wanted to know how it felt. I think that when a guy blows a load they feel so much better than girls orgasm.



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Wouldn’t the world Just be better if both men and women had more sex?
Yeah that’s what you call world peace. Everyone should just say YOLO and do it.
What’s one unfulfilled fantasy you have?
You mean besides your morn?
I think I’ve done everything. Oh actually, having sex on a roller coaster or ferris wheel. That would be sweet. Or having sex while skydiving. Just sex anywhere weird.
Didn’t have to be a sexual fantasy.
Okay, I’m embarrassed now. Maybe just traveling to really cool places — traveling the entire world. All the top cities.
Okay I think this is enough sexual talk for now. This interview is over.
I’m going to go see your mom now.


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