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Kama Sensations ALL AMONG FRIENDS My wife Clarice loves dressing sexy, and really gets off on flashing her panties and stocking tops whenever she can. I certainly don’t mind either. It gets us both hot. One night Clarice confessed to me that she fantasized about having a threesome with two other guys. I’d had basically the same fantasy, but I wondered if I could handle sharing her with someone else. We talked it over a lot, and I finally decided it would be best to let her get it out of her system. We agreed that we would offer this golden opportunity to two good friends of mine from work, Richie and Vern. Richie is outgoing, and although he was engaged, I knew he would love to have a crack at Clarice. Vern is shy, and a little heavy (though not fat) and kind of inexperienced with women. I figured that if this was going to happen, at least it was with friends. We all went out drinking one night, and then returned to our place. Clarice put on some music while Richie and I got drinks in the kitchen. We sat around in the living room, drinking. Clarice was sitting on the couch with her legs slightly apart, showing the dark bands at the tops of her stockings. After a while I asked Clarice to dance with me. As we danced I rubbed her ass, dragging her skirt up to show our audience her stocking tops and the lower part of her panty-covered ass. Vern looked kind of embarrassed, but Richie couldn’t take his eyes off her ass. Richie then asked Clarice to dance, and I went to get more drinks. When I returned, they were dancing slowly, and Richie’s hand was busy under her skirt. As soon as he saw me he stopped. “Hey, listen,” I told him. “If Clarice is okay with it, just have fun.” I sat down on the couch next to Vern, who was still looking uneasy. Richie then eased Clarice to the floor, pushed her skirt to her waist and removed her panties. She spread her legs wide, and he went down on her, eating her out eagerly. It wasn’t long before she came with a series of deep moans. Clarice then got up and went over to Vern. He looked like he was going to faint as she undid his pants. She told him to relax and got on her knees to suck his cock. Richie got behind her, lifted her skirt and entered her from the rear. This was Clarice’s dream come true, and I watched it all. Vern came in about a minute, and two minutes after that Richie yelled and came inside her. He then got dressed to leave, saying he had to get home before his fiancée got pissed about his absence. Vern started to get dressed too, but Clarice had other ideas. She asked me if Vern could spend the night with us, and I reluctantly consented. Clarice took Vern by the hand and led him up to our bedroom. There she pulled him down beside her on the bed and kissed him passionately. She then pulled him on top of her and spread her legs wide. Vern had some trouble finding her entrance, but he soon got inside her. He didn’t last long though, and as soon as he rolled away, I mounted her. I was very turned on and came quickly too.

SEX STORIES Kama Sensations - June Second 2017 |

Then we all fell asleep, Clarice in the middle. When I woke in the morning I felt something moving, and saw Vern’s fingers busy between Clarice’s legs. She reached down to stroke his cock, then let him fuck her again. This time he lasted much longer before they both came. He left soon after, and Clarice thanked me for allowing her fantasy to come true. — Sexy Contest. I need a few volunteers to fuck my wife. Shauna is gorgeous, sexy, mature—and hot for outside prick. Just for starters, we are looking for three studs, 20, 40 and 60 years old. Shauna and I have been happily married for almost 26 years. We still have a great sex life, and up to now neither of us has ever strayed. Occasionally we fantasize together about other people, but not often. My Shauna is still the one lady in the entire world I’d most like to fuck. My guess is that probably 99 percent of the men who lay eyes on her fantasize about having her. She’s that kind of woman. It was during our 25th- anniversary vacation that we first seriously discussed the prospect of her stepping out and trying something strange. It wasn’t unhappiness with our sex life. It was just a response to the heavy questions a 25th anniversary will bring on, covering all aspects of life. Regarding sex, we asked ourselves, were we missing out on something by remaining monogamous? Shouldn’t we perhaps experiment a bit and see where it takes us? You already know what we concluded. Actually, I was the one who pushed for Shauna to try a few other men. I loved her so much, I didn’t want to deny her any possible pleasures before it was too late. She demurred at first, but soon saw the reasonableness of my position. She quickly insisted that it should work both ways, and I agreed in theory, but told her I thought we should concentrate on her pleasures first. So that’s where we are now. Shauna has agreed to start by sampling the three age groups I mentioned, to see what kind of man she is most comfortable with. It may be that, as a mature lady, she’ll respond to the eagerness and energy of the 20-year-old. Or perhaps she’ll find him too active or casual or something, and prefer the mellowness and experience of a 60- year-old. Or perhaps the 40-year-old would make for an ideal blend of these qualities. Our curiosity on this point provides an added layer of anticipation and excitement. We also considered sampling different cultures. We haven’t decided quite how to do it, but we are thinking of white, black, Asian and Latino. Does that mean we would have Shauna fuck a total of 12 men? Well, we can address that later, after she gets a few men under her belt—or, I should say, under her dress.

SEX STORIES Kama Sensations - June Second 2017 |

There’s a reason why we have not yet put this plan into action. It’s not lack of opportunity. Shauna could walk out of the house right now and pick up the first man she meets, or the first 12 men. What’s delaying things is the need to find the right location. We quickly decided that Shauna can’t fuck anyone we know, or even anyone from around here, because I know damn well that any local guy who fucks my wife would not be able to keep that fact to himself, as spreading it around would greatly raise his stature among all the men who are so hot for her. This would not only denigrate her reputation, but would produce a sudden increase in the incidence of local men hitting on her with the hope of getting lucky themselves. That kind of attention we don’t need. We considered all the options and concluded that the answer was an island vacation, like the one we took on our anniversary. Over those 10 days Shauna had had to turn down a steady succession of guys, of all ages. This would be good for our plan. And not only would it be far from home, but an island resort offers ideal settings—the beach, bar stools, dance floors and so on—for her to show off her wares. We’ve already booked the trip, which is hardly two months away. Meanwhile I’ve been watching Shauna for signs of any second thoughts, but actually so far she seems to be getting more into it. We’re fucking even more than usual these days—and even better. Shauna has even practiced picking up men in hotel lobbies and bars while we were traveling on business. She would come on to a stranger until she was sure she had him hooked, then wiggle out of it by pretending to spy me suddenly across the room, saying, “Oh my god, here comes my husband! Sorry.” In this way she honed her come-on approach, and she enjoyed it so much that she started going a little further each time. After a while she started going without panties on these little practice runs. The last two times she felt the guy’s dick through his trousers, and the last time she let him finger-fuck her for a few minutes as she sat on a bar stool. After that she told me teasingly that next time she’d wait till she comes before blowing the guy off. My wife is discovering what I’ve told her for years—that she can get any man she wants. Now she has gotten to the point of telling me that I might be right about her not missing out on anything, and she is now determined to go forward with our project when we go on our trip. So if you think you might be one of the guys suitable for fucking my wife, all you have to do is be in the right place at the right time. How will you recognize Shauna? Well, for starters, close your eyes and imagine your ideal mature lady, the woman who you would most like to fuck.SEX STORIES Kama Sensations - June Second 2017 |

That’s her. She’s five feet six, with bobbed pepper-and-salt hair, high bouncy tits, a perfect rear and long, smooth, luscious legs. And in addition to that, she is the most beautiful lady you can imagine. As sensuous as her body is, you will immediately focus on her face—in particular, her eyes. They will hold your gaze, and her beautiful smile will do you in. It is those expressive eyes, by the way, that you’ll later be gazing into while she lies on her back, legs spread, and you fuck the hottest pussy you’ll ever know. If you see her on the beach she will be wearing the skimpiest of bikinis, with thong bottoms and a sexy push-up bra. In a bar or on the street she will be dressed in the shortest of skirts and the tightest and most revealing of tops. And everything she wears will be bright and luminous in color. Shauna will be going all out. So if you see a woman you think might be her, you might want to just go up to her and say, “Pardon me, but are you Shauna?” Even if it’s not her, it’s still worth a shot, and good luck to you. Of course Shauna has established some criteria. She likes men taller than she is, men who are attractive and in good shape. Don’t be surprised if she checks out your prick— she’s set a minimum of six inches, and the thicker the better. But a big prick isn’t the whole story. She also wants interesting men who she can relate to. Now I know this might disappoint some of you guys who might not meet Shauna’s standards, or who can’t get away to the islands this summer. But don’t be too discouraged, because I’m sure there are other husbands out there seeking volunteers to fuck their wives. Just keep looking, and again, good luck to you!— OWNERSHIP My best friend Jacob was stretched out on our bed with my wife Sarah, affectionately stroking her bare bottom, caressing its roundness, running his fingers adoringly down the crease between her ass cheeks and probing her anus with a gently exploring finger. He looked up at me for a moment as I sat in a chair across the room, then bent over and planted a soft kiss on my lady’s behind, as if to say, “This posterior is beautiful, and if it’s okay with you I’m going to enjoy it.” Sarah groaned and arched her back, closing her eyes and lifting her bottom toward the mouth that caressed that curving flesh, as if offering herself for my buddy’s pleasure, encouraging him to do whatever he wanted. The aroma of sexual excitement filled the room, and a stranger would never have guessed that this was my normally demure wife’s first sexual encounter with another man. Jacob spread her cheeks with his fingers, then extended his tongue and touched it to her delicate anus. I had admired that hidden orifice hundreds of times, even yearned to taste it, but I had never been permitted to even touch it.SEX STORIES Kama Sensations - June Second 2017 |

Not even my husband. Not anyone but you.” This pledge, far from making me jealous, aroused me so much that I was nearly shaking with the excitement of it. Jacob screwed her continually for another 30 minutes, stuffing his stiff cock into her rump as hard and fast as he could, and when he finally pulled out she sucked her own juices from his rod like a hungry cat, unconcerned about where it had been. I shuddered again with excitement as I watched him come in her mouth, and saw her lick the spunk from the end of his cock, cooing like a lovesick dove. As I watched my wife nuzzling on my friend’s dick, moaning softly and still trembling with lust, I thought back to the first time I had ever imagined her having sex with someone else. It had been on our honeymoon, which we had spent at a beautiful beach resort in Aruba. I can still picture her in that lovely white bikini, and I can still see the very tanned, very buff native guy who came on to her one day as she waded in the crystal blue water. The suit was so brief that she was nearly nude, and when it was wet it became virtually opaque, giving the viewer a glimpse of things previously unseen. Her curly brown pubic patch peered through the thin material at her crotch, and the lovely crack of her ass could easily be seen as she walked away. Her nipples were also clearly visible, poking out against the light fabric of her top. The young man did nothing to hide his admiration, openly admiring her body as he flirted blatantly with my wife. I watched from the beach as she chatted with her suitor there at the water’s edge, and I couldn’t help thinking of how they would look while fucking. I couldn’t believe my sudden excitement, the surge of lust that coursed through my body as I pictured his cock sliding into my wife’s pussy, spreading and stretching her labia with its fullness and filling her cunt with its thick solidity. I imagined him lying on top of her, and then I imagined her straddling him and bouncing up and down on his ample cock. And then I imagined her kneeling in front of him and taking it in her mouth. For nearly a decade after that I had not been able to summon the courage to even mention to Sarah my fantasy about watching her fuck other guys. When finally, I had tentatively broached the matter, her first reaction, as I had feared, had been disgust and indignation. After a while, however, she had unbent enough for us to at least talk about it. I was amazed and delighted when, after months of discussion, she had actually admitted to me that there was someone she’d had a secret crush on for years, someone who, perhaps, in the right circumstances, she wouldn’t mind having sex with. I was even more thrilled when it turned out that the man whose dick she’d secretly yearned to feel inside her was my best friend Jacob! It took another week after this revelation to persuade her to actually do something about it, but she finally agreed to ask Jacob over for dinner ‘to see what developed.’SEX STORIES Kama Sensations - June Second 2017 |