STEPHANİE PRATT Hannah Simone Gabriella FHM UK – May 2015

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STEPHANİE PRATT Hannah Simone Gabriella FHM UK – May 2015

Hannah Simone

hether you’re hungover to high hell, pulling a sickie, or simply filling twenty minutes before Saturday’s Come Dine With Me marathon starts, New Girl is up there with the best when it comes to ‘affable American sitcoms’. Zooey Deschanel might be the sort of kooky customer you’d happily let steal your plaid shirts, but her smokin’ hot co-star Hannah Simone has also been knocking our socks clean off by being generally wonderful in every way possible. It was during an idle online quest to find out a bit more about Simone that we stumbled upon these preposterously perfect pictures and felt compelled to print ’em in all their glory. Thanks a lot, internet, we always knew you weren’t a total bastard. We found out a fair few other things about Hannah too, which have only served to make her about 95% more attractive. The London-born star was organising benefit concerts for AIDS in her teens and went on to work as a human rights officer for the United Nations before the bright lights of showbiz beckoned. So she’d totally give Bob Geldof a run for his feckin’ money. In more recent times, Simone was busy dishing out pubic advice on behalf of razormongers Gillette, who snapped her up alongside Kate Upton to tell mankind exactly ‘what women want’. Thankfully, the answer was not some smooth-chested sexbot, as Simone revealed she likes her chaps to be rough and ready. She said, “I think there’s that weird thing when someone takes too much care of themselves. If a guy has, like, topiary forms down there, seriously…?” Simone’s advice isn’t limited to matters of the bush, as the New Girl star

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It’s no secret that when you’re rich, famous, and ridiculously good-looking, it’s a whole lot easier to get what you want. Before performing at the Super Bowl, Beyonca allegedly demanded that she be built a backstage nursery for her daughter Blue Ivy, scented with rose-petal candles and kept at precisely 26 degrees. Of course, she got it. Christina Aguilera apparently requests vitamin C tablets on her rider… that are specifically in the shape of the Flintstones. And as for J-Lo, only a custom-made germ-resistant toilet seat for her $27 million dollar bottom will do. You got it, ‘Jenny from the block’. Meet Stephanie Pratt: the blonde and bonkersly hot American who, by way of US reality TV show The Hills, now frequents the champagne bars, multi-million-pound mansions, polo games and Range Rovers of Channel 4’s Made In Chelsea. “I need… I need some heavy metal,” she shouts on her FHM shoot day, before triggering the first of seven confetti cannons into a shower of silver mess. We turn up Metallica’s Master Of Puppets. The cannon erupts. She jumps into an energetic air guitar and head bangs. These are the kind of ‘diva’ requests we’re more than happy to work with.

Steph! Welcome to your first FHM cover shoot… Oh my god, I’m really excited. I remember shooting for you guys a while back when I was on The Hills, and there were a lot of bath tubs involved. But on the cover? It’s the dream! Growing up, I was always a tomboy and I didn’t have a lot of self-confidence. This is the ultimate sexy magazine, so it’s really cool. So you’ve brought your American poshness from The Hills all the way to Made In Chelsea – what are the main differences between US posh girls and posh Brits? Girls here are way more reserved. Like, they still get totally wild, but they can keep it classy while they’re doing it whereas in the States, you’ll catch us falling out of clubs barefoot. Which side of the Atlantic handles their champagne better? It’s you guys for sure. You all start drinking way younger over here, so I blame the fact that you’ve had way more practice than us. How does a super-posh night out go in the States? It always starts with a dinner: the
most exclusive restaurant you can get into, of course. And then it’s the hottest club with a table in the VIP section and then car service – a huge SUV or sports car to whisk you home. The goal is to never wait for anything – a drink, entry to the club, your table, anything. In LA, the amount of time you have to wait for anything pretty much determines how important you are. What are your local hang-outs now you’re in the UK? There’s a club that I totally love in London called The Box. Some weird stuff goes on in there… Yeah? How weird? Basically, it’s set up like a huge concert with the tables looking down at a stage, and during the
“I’m pretty good at showering my boyfriend in gifts — I like to spoil a guy. If you wanted to buy me a gift, I love stuff I can wear.
“Be it jewellery, a handbag or shoes, I’ll put it on and I’ll feel close to you. I’m cool with an old t-shirt too. My closet is filled with my boyfriend’s hoodies.”

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From: Brazil Occupation: Model Age: 32 Instagram: @gabigauza Likes: Chocolate, chips dipped in ice cream, beaches and geeks FHM: Hi Gabriella! Where in Brazil are you from? Gabriella: I’m from the south, near Argentina. My great-grandfather came from Poland though, and my mum’s side is Italian. Quite a mix. So where do the best-looking people come from? The north or south of Brazil? Ha-ha! Well some people say the south but I don’t want to get in trouble, plus, I’ve been in England for 10 years now… Why would you ever move here? London’s actually quite similar to the city where my family live. It rains a lot in south Brazil and gets really cold in the winter – we don’t have snow but it does get pretty freezing, like -3°C. You’ve travelled quite a lot. Where’s the best place? I used to live in Hong Kong which was cool. I got invited on private boats by the club owners. Serious party people. It was kind of crazy – we’d go in the morning and stay for a weekend. We’d just party and drink a lot… What’s the difference between an English guy and a Brazilian guy? I actually don’t really like dating Brazilian guys because they’re not very faithful. I know that you’ll sometimes find an English guy who’s the same but generally, they’re more loyal. Brazilians are a lot more confident; they think they own you. Where would you like to live next? I’d like to live in Canada. Have you tried the weird chips, gravy and cheese curds they do? Poutine? That’s so good, I love it. What other kind of insanely fatty foods do you like? I like carbonara, I like chocolate… Really, I just like to eat. Is the way to a girl’s heart knowing how to cook for them? Yes, but you also have to look after her, make her smile and make her happy. It’s good to know that a guy can cook though, it definitely doesn’t hurt. What’s the weirdest food you like? I don’t know about me but my mum likes to dip chips in ice cream… That’s definitely a bit weird isn’t it?

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