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nude Sunday Sport 28 December 2014  Feminism has only led us to condoms inside our plum duff
CHRISTMAS is done for another year. The unappetising carcass of the goose or turkey is decaying in the pantry. The cold misery of a long January awaits us, with credit card bills and disconnection threats from the gas board. But, for one man, this festive season has left a more bitter taste than usual. For Kevin Collins found something unwanted in his Christmas pudding. No, not a lucky sixpence. A CONDOM. Kevin’s wife made the mistake of purchasing the family plum duff from a shifty-looking fellow on her local market. The confection was of Bulgarian origin – which goes some way to explaining why it contained a stray sheath. Bulgarians, you see, are notoriously slapdash when it comes to disposing of sex Utter. But the problem would not have occurred if Kevin’s good lady had not been such an idle slattern and had made the Christmas pudding herself. These days, women convince themselves that “careers” come before preparing good, home-made fodder for their menfolk. The folly of that nonsense became apparent when Kevin’s teeth chomped down on a Bulgarian prophylactic. The creed of feminism promised so much. What we have SA. reality, is the men of this country slurping down condoms on Christmas Dn.
Happy New Year dear readers!
2015 beckons folks. .`.lay we at Sunday Sport Towers wish on a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

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YOU had better believe stunning Cara Brett’s one hell of a sexy lady! The 26-year-uld who hails frum Enfield in Middlesex. donned a pair of sexy boots for this horny shoot and reckons they always make her feel up for it! Stunning 1) Cara said: ‘I call them my FMB, – that stands for r •k mo boots!  -When ever I wear them I get the storngest urge to drag my fella to the bedroom. ▪ With the boots on, though. I’m the one on charge. and my man had better do what I tell him! ▪ And you can bet they don’t come off during sex!”

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2014 THE Ice Bucket Challenge, Russia’s Winter Olympics. Russell Brand being a tw At, and England playing like a bunch of dickheads in the World Cup. Yep. those are all memorable things thal, happened in 2014. But forget all that nonsense — and roast your eyes on the year in BOOBS! The past twelve months saw Brit modal Kelly Brook. 34, taking over the world with her 30FF curves. having won an acting role on a major US sitcom. On the box we ogled. paused. rewound, then ogled some more, the glorious assets of True Detective Dottie Alexandra Daddario. 28. Meanwhile movies like Sin City 2. Sex Thtpc and Asylum, had us popping our corn in cinemas.

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STUNNING Emma Green nude could be the prefect woman -her biggest turn-on is giving blowjobs! The 26-year.old Welsh beauty, who now lives in Walton on Thames, reckons taking a bloke in her mouth gets her really excited. Tease She said: 1 just love giving oral. It’s my biggest tum.on. ‘I love looking up and seeing his reaction as I tease him with my mouth. I like receiving too. because it fools so amazing. ‘1 also like a nice 69er as then were both happy!’

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