Sunday Sport – 7 April 2015

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Sunday Sport – 7 April 2015
Emily gets Rat-arsed!
THE hottest woman on the planet, Emily Ratajkowski, proved her ARSE is just as nice as her boobs after showing it off online. The Brit-born pin-up and actress first aired her breasts in the pop video for Robin Thick’s song Blurred Lines. She also got ’em out in recent movie Gone Girl in a sex scene with co-star Ben Affleck. But it’s her pert derriere that got fans drooling last week after she uploaded it to her Instagram page. One snap showed the brunette posing topless by a bush while in another she relaxed by the pool. One male admirer, clearly on the vinegar strokes, posted: “aaah-hgghgggghghhhgh-haaaa, Another commented: “Dream body x”. Emily, 23, is the most in-demand babe in Hollywood, as she prepares to make her debut in TV comedy Entourage before starring in new flick We Are Your Friends.
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Mail web ‘filth’ shows Middle have no class
AT Sunday Sport we consider ourselves men of the world. Barely a day goes by without someone making a racy quip or reciting a near-the-knuckle limerick. Many of us have visited the fleshpots of the East. We are no maiden aunts. But we have been saddened and APPALLED by the amount of sexually-suggestive comments directed at lovely actress Michelle Keegan. This barrage of bawdiness began — naturally — on the social media site Twitter. But since then it has spread to no less than the website of the DAILY MAIL. Although not everyone’s cup of tea, the Mail has always been regarded as a bastion of middle-class respectability. Now the comments section of the newspaper’s website is crammed with inappropriate sexual remarks — often directed at Michelle Keegan. Is this the sort of thing that the Rothermere family — one of Britain’s foremost publishing dynasties — had in mind for their esteemed titles? We certainly hope not.
Off their trolleys!
WE have all been there. On arriving at a supermarket to buy an Easter egg for a young relative or loved one, the sight of empty shelves where once groaned countless eggs makes any crest fall. Especially as the chocolate treats took their place on the aisles around three days after Christmas. Now we learn that single mum Kelly Davies of Preston offered fellatio to anyone who could supply her with chocolate eggs for her brood — after her local supermarket “sold out”. The supermarkets have too much power, we all know that. But when their refusal to stock Easter eggs past Good Friday leads to young mothers sucking off strangers, questions must be asked.
Jailhouse ruck
LESBIANS in an Italian jail rioted at news the lovely-and-now-officially-innocent Amanda Knox would not be returning to their nick. Prisoners can be scary. Lesbians can be scary. We can only imagine the full horror of lesbojailbirds in full-throated riot. The human soul was not built to withstand such terrors.
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