Svetlana Stolpovskih MAXIM Russia – March 2015

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Svetlana Stolpovskih MAXIM Russia – March 2015 We love pop music eyes. And in recent We love pop music eyes. And in recent years, those eyes almost nothing to stop it was: favorite girl group poraspadalis and new so afraid to look sexy like them instead of flowers stoned. But now finally on the horizon rose a new star shining. Svetlana Stolpovskikh, which has taken on a new name Zlataslava, -This sex bomb, she is not afraid to be a sex bomb, she enjoys this status. Recently, she blew her airtime wedge “bitter”, and this is just the beginning. Let us turn our telescopes to the new celestial body! 3 lataslava … I thought elk, the name is spelled with an “o” in the middle of summer … during in-interview for the TV channel RU.N, I announced a contest for the best pseudo-him, and as a prize people whose name I choose, will be filmed in my next wedge. The next day, the editors of the channel it’s an incredible amount of options, but the most fun, most of them were associated with the names and Golden Glory. Well, with such a significant preponderance-ing I could not dwell on behalf Zlatoslava. As for his NADI-scription, I like to “a” in the middle. I generally love-in at all, what I do, to introduce something of himself. Even in every song, co-building is not me, I have always been involved – such as writing text. Then I start to emerge in her life. Until this proi-zoydet, I can not play it. The name is also not a hundred-lo exception unchanged. Musicians are very often selling-serami. You’ve got the opposite situation: after years behind the scenes you yourself came on the scene. How did this happen? interview style photo Actually, I started out on the stage. With five years of performing as a pianist, graduated from the Conser-tory and in parallel began to work in show business. But not as an artist, but as assistant producer. And in this role for ten years Catching-las different projects – from ‘(* Guess the melody to “American Idol.” All this time, fellow al-Tista asked: “Light, but when you yourself over-eat?” Well, I sang. The success was stunned-yuschy: in the first month “bitter”, “entered the top most ordered songs on the radio. Particularly pleased that it bought the wedding day! And the heroine of your song and you – a different Liu Di? Yet think that you currently eat. Given that my concept – a catchy, upbeat, dance songs, I’m glad that the listener associates them lyrical-Yin with me. It may be light music, but it brings joy to people – quite defi -tsitnuyu substance in our time. This is great! For example, I remember when the first time after the show received a note from the due-ness for the song “Bitter” from a girl who, after her audition bolder and took the first step to her beloved. As a result, this spring they have a wedding. I believe that music exists precisely in order to give listeners Igor Cher-What a novel Kadaria Alexander Belousov lam certain emotion, condition. Of course, I was immensely pleased to learn that someone is happier because of my song. What are the differences in two versions of your videos? There are also censored and uncensored, though the words there are the same. External differences, I also could not see. Where it is necessary to look through the eyes? Well there where everyone is trying to look at first. In the online version is where to look, and television have DOPA tazirovat. That is censorship in the camera goes somewhere, but not before the end comes, and comes in a foul. Nevertheless, I am told-tional influence people in show business, an amazing thing happens: everything seems to be shown, and went to look at. Therefore, no aesthetic boundary-Nice, I did not break. I think that many wish they had not violated. Oh wait, not all at once. Only for the next year, I outlined shooting four or five clips. All come! And in general, in addition to one of the wedge you something-or whether there is still? No, this is the first, because my solo career on-chalos six months ago. Frankly, I myself

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