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 Taciana Davidson Fitness Model Fitness Most – December 2015 “IF YOU TELL ME i CAN’T, I ALREADY WANT IT.'” That’s Taciana Davidson, the business savvy Brazilian who is always up for a challenge and approaches life with confidence and the sincere desire to make a true contribution towards helping people look and feel their best_ As a model and fitness aficionado who was Miss USA Brazil in 2004, Tacy knows what people are lacking and what they are looking for. Having modeled for numerous international and national brands including Harley Davidson, Vida Fitness LATAM, Evolve, Chemco Corp, and 42 Bellow Vodka, Neopharma, Skin Spa . Tacy has certainly been exposed to the beauty and fashion industry, and has seen products that over-promise and under deliver. With a flaming desire to help men and women lose weight, live healthier lifestyles, and better themselves, she has magnanimously worked diligently at creating and designing products and clothes that actually do what they say. Her company, Body by Tacy, a fashion and beauty venture, officially launches in December with select products and clothing to help you lose weight and look stylish doing it. Not one to put her name on something that doesn’t work, Tacy spends a good portion of her time in Miami personally testing her samples and making sure they work for her before she develops them for other people Beneath Taciana’s stunning beauty and charismatic, carefree spirit, there lies an astuteness and a need to always keep learning. With an innate sense of how the business world works, she further developed her business knowledge at Northern Virginia Community College and was able to then contribute her experience to guide and work for certain prestigious companies that include magazines, advertising agencies and production agencies. That is why it is now time for her to have her own company, so that the rest of the world can reap the benefits and get the advantage of Tacy’s know-
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