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Please introduce yourself to our readers? Well, I’m Sara K. I live in Tel Aviv, Israel. I’m almost 34. I have a BA In criminology and MA in science information and I work as a freelance social media manager. But the most important detail is that I’m a proud mama to iç yrs. old Dexter (Pitbull) and 4.5 yrs. old Hooligan (Pekingese), both adopted. They are the loves of my life! Besides that I’m an active person, I try to work out at least 4 times a week, I also do Tribal belly dance for the past 3 years and I try to squeeze in some Yoga time as well- I’m a morning person completely, so I hardly go out unless it’s an important event, I much prefer staying home watching one of my TV programs or reading a book
What made you scant to become a part of the modeling industry? I have been in love with tattoos since a young age, I think about or 12. It wasn’t something you saw on the streets back then in Israel. There were maybe 4 studios and hardly any tattooed people, but somehow I was drawn to it immensely and started to talk about tattoos and piercings at home. Of course my mom was mortified. Anyway, one day I want to a magazine shop and found tattoos magazines and was in complete awe. And ever since that I kinda swore to myself that someday I would be in a magazine like that.
‘Alai do you consider to be your sexiest. attribute? My boobs obviously. I’m obsessed with boobs! I’m fortunate enough to have naturally big boobs but I don’t discriminate – love them all! Also, and I’m sure you might find it weird but I think being over 30 makes a woman sexier. There is something about the maturity that makes a woman more comfortable in her own skin and that’s hella sexy!
What makes you fun and sexy? I think being curvy and proportionate has always made me sexy. But, I definitely think that after I turned 3o I blossomed and really and completely loved myself and the way I look. If you don’t mind me saying so myself if funny as hell and even though I’m not easy going at all, I’m super fun especially when I’m doing things I love and hanging with people I connect with.
You are beautifully tatted. What inspires you to get a new tattoo? Tough one. It can vary from seeing a flash that I automatically love and want on me to months of planning. I usually don’t think too much, because I work with artists that I know for years and I love their style so 1 trust them with my eyes closed
What 18 your favorite tattoo? Again a tough one. I love them ALL! I super pleased with my sleeve, I love the colors, the design and everything I also really love my a small pieces on my hands done by my bff Maya Brant, they are a chainsaw and a butcher knife done in kind of a new skool style, they are very me so I’m in love with them.


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Please introduce yourself to our readers? ,fessional model with over to years of experience. I have gra,ed the covers of US and international magazines. I have been featured in music videos, fashion shows, conventions . and Iv I have worked with company’s such as Ferrari, Nikon camera, DUB wheels and many more The best part about my doh is traveling and getting to meet new people and seeing the world.
What was the reason you got your first tattoo;
.. 1 came from and how I got to where I am today. It reminds me of the tight, strength and determination that I had to find within my self to become the woman I ant today,
What was your fast tattoo: 1, ny left shoulder.
What is your favorite tattoo, I hove all ut my tattoos. ibach one has been thought out and ‘,faced to align with all of my other tattoos and to flow naturally with all of my work. As tar as my favorite tattoo, one of them is my Tattoo on my leg. It is the face of a Victorian lady with her face and body turning in to zombie. She has a giant hat with roses, and peacock leathers and her dead husbands hand with a spider web in her hat. My favorite part of the tattoo is the ,rictus coming• down frosts the dead timid It inatche,
What inspired that tattoo?, . my tattoo artist has drawn. ,Arhen I saw it instantly feel in love with it It in captures a lot of things that I love: !,,hinn nr •rsTrbio, bruin* masi, ;my thing
What would tattoo would you consider your most meaningful?
I-low many tattoos do you have? Have you ever had a tattoo removed or covered up? Ida you have a favorite tattoo artist?
I did it for my sell Not because its ‘cool” or the thing to do. When started to get tattooed 1 had to stop modeling. At the tune there was no place for a heavily tattooed model in the modeling industry . So I had to quit for .a few years. Company’s didn’t want to hire girls with tattoos. At that time tattoos had a negative connotation to it and teas not seen as “classy or “appropriate”. 1 basically got tired of the modeling world telling me what t had to look like, and how much I had to weigh, and what to wear. When I decided to stop modeling and continue getting tattooed it seas very treeing and really helped me to hind its self and who 1 really was In the world of fake and plastic dolls. No,. as a tattooed model the world have completely been opened up about tattooing and I have an amazing career again. I never thought that it would become as main stream as it has I’m glad it has thought. I get a change now to do two things I love, modeling and tattoos!
What is the biggest misconception you think people have about lots of body art? For me being a very Heavily tattooed lemale rt can be Interesting t tilts to say at times. Thank god it’s gotten a lot better and more people are open to the idea of tattooing. I think that one of the misconceptions is that, how could I hove a job with all those tattoos, funny thing is, that I own a few different business. I do very well and I am covered in tattoos. Not everyone that has tattoos is homeless with out a Job. It’s obsured what some neot,le think ;About tattos and tattoo., in genera!
What seas the most painful place you have been tatted? hands were not too had, but my feet were really had Brad tattooed the entire top of one of my feet at a tattoo convention I had to sit very still and pretend that I wasn’t ditto watching linnet titian me!
For a first timer, where would you recommend they get a tattoo to experience the least amount of pain?
Words of advice for anyone that wants to get inked.
What does body art/ink mean to you?
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Please introduce yourself to our readers? My name is Ilia Fend. I’m • 5 A t I. kW. blonde pan-up and alternative model based 3n London, EngJand, in the UK. I grew up in Manchester; in the North West of England- I’m a tall gul who doesn’t need to wear killer heels to add to my he:ght. but I love my shoe collection and I stand at 6 ft 4″ in stilettos when I do wear them. I was told as I was growing up that I would make a great model or basketball player. I have never played basketball. I love heavy metal, rock horror, zombies and especially being an extra in horror films, in which i have added three to my resume so far. I am a self-confessed gym junkie. I have modelled for brands such as Forbidden Planet. Kiss Me Deadly Dead Threads, Black Sheep Latex. Catalyst Latex, and Dollysizipp and I love lingerie, corsetry, stockings, latex, red lipstick and glamour
If you had a s000smo.00 right now, what would you do with it? I would definitely travel and see a lot more of the world, peruke modelling further afield I haven’t been able to fund, treat some family and friends well and finally invest in some property. I’d also go on a clothing and shoe shopping spree of
Whats your favorite drink? rarely drink alcohol at the moment but for a >pedal occasion I love Sailor Jerry with ginger ale and a wedge of lime or • nice vodka based tocktaiL My drink of choice day to day is Green Tea. My favourite is Twining% Salted Caramel Green Tea, it is absolutely amanng!
What do most guys do to capture your attention? Usually comment on my height or stare intensely most are not smooth enough to get my attention without making it uncomfortable, slightly sexist or creepy unfortunately. guys who just smile and make eye contact or who are bold enough to compliment are much better at “Noting my attention.
What one thing should a guy never do? Ise or cheat. Definite grounds for dumping. The ‘Dutch Oven’ tin those who know what that is a serrons no-na Also grounds for dumping!!
What is the most romantic thing someone has ever done for you? .1 surprise trip to Parts this year was amazing and very romantic!
What is the sexiest amide of clothing that you own? imra. its a tough decision. But I’ve been told a s s the high-waisted leather look leggings Hove wearing. Very rock and roll and they fit like a glove_.
What makes you fun and sexy? Sal-conf dence. a bubbly nature and sense of humour. Being sassy, quick-witted and young at heart.

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