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  Sarah Alyssia

Age: 24 Location: Oklahoma City, OK Height: 5″3 Measurements: 34-28-40 INSTAGRAM: ©Sarah_alyssia What can you tell us about yourself for those readers seeing you for first time? I have been riding this journey seriously for aboul the last 9 months trying to break into the industry. I love the lifestyle of traveling to different locations that modeling has afforded me over the last several months. Food is one of my guilty pleasures that I don’t always get to enjoy. What sets you apart from others in this industry? My work ethic and discipline it takes a lot of hard work to get noticed in modelinc. Sometimes modeling comes wish a lot of baggage, but I feel by working hard-and staying discipline I wi I achieve the lofty goals I have set out for myself What do you hope to accomplish in the next 5 years? Furthering my career as an aspiring model and become a model people recognize. I would eventually like open up my own business.
How has modeling_ changed some aspect of your life? Changed my outlook on life and made my life much busier. How would your best friend describe you? Ambition wild and free spirited What asset on your body do people compliment the most? y mesmerizing eyes and my 34DD’s.
What is your biggest turn on’s and turn offs? Hygiene is a major turn on love a man that takes care of himself and smell good. Also I love a man that is ambition and has goals for the future Bad breath is furn off.

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Msbirthdaycakez from Cleveland Ohio I started urban modeling back 2011. At first, it was just for fun. Then, more than one person told me that I really should consider taking it seriously. In the summer of 2014-1 did just that and here I am today! How did get the name Msbirthdaycakez? A good friend of mine Big Fendi (previous manager of Nicki Minaj) gave me this unique name because of my ASSETS lol What are your measurements? 34DD-28-46
Are you married, single or dating? I’m currently in a relalionship What do you look for in a man? Intelligence, well-dressed and groomed, respectable, but most of all a GO GETTER
What’s your future plans? Stay Tuned and Follow me on IG @Msbirthdaycakez Shout Out to Sean Cummings for letting me blessed the pages of Show Magazine

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Tori Taylor

My what’s up I’m Tori Taylor born and raised in NYC, I’m Jamaican and ALL natural. Currently, I’m living in LA,.I’m a great cook love music, fashion and outdoor activities. I’ve been modeling on and off for a while also have done a few music videos my first video was Talib Kweli’s upper echelon. I more recently have been seen in video’s by Migos and Molly Mall as well as Busta Rhymes my first magazine was Straight Stuntin and-this would be my second. I am also a talented hairstylist actress and singer can’t wait till everyone see what I have been working on. BOOKING: INSTAGRAM: Ciforitaylor TWITTER: @onlyl toritaylor SNAPCHAT: gitoritaylor

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Egypt Banksz

Born and raised in the beautiful city of Angels (Los Angeles) I’m 23 years young and my name is Egypt Banksz. I’m a super outgoing Gemini that loves to go out, meet new people, spend chill nights in with loved ones, and just overall have a great time. I am the youngest of 3 girls one of which oeing my twin sister Neena who is my best friend and biggest supporter. So far, I’ve modeled for three magazines one of which I’ve had the pleasure of being on the cover. I am also working very hard on my new women’s clothing line. This is only the becinning. I promise you’ll be seeing a ot more of me! INSTAGRAM: Egyptbanksz TWITTER: Egyptbankss SNAPCHAT: E.seragosa

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Victoria Cakes

grew up in Cali, but I was born in south Memphis TN. I am a thick country girly girl who’s very feminine. I love to dress up and sometimes even role-play. I always wanted to be an urban glamour model, however I’m an exotic dancer and dancing is my true passion. I love my curves, but I’ve always had athletic shape. I love to stay fit. I’m very adventurous and open-minded with my sexuality, a true Scorpio. I’ve done a few XXX films can be a bit of a party girl, but I’m always interested in learning about spiritual healing and nature of the world. I love connecting with a real person. Are you mixed? I’m black and Indian
Do you have kids? One day I would like to but not any now Do you like both sexes? Yes I like beautiful people and there soul turns me on not their gender What’s your favorite sexual position? I love doggie style! It feels like ultimate pleasure, its hardcore. Name a person in the industry who inspired you. Bettie Page. I love sexy Pin Up models and the whole art of exploring one’s sexual behavior.

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Tiffany Elissa

Hello my name is Tiffany Elissa. I’m an experienced, published model. I was born and raised in Miami, Florida, where I discovered my passion for modeling. I am also strongly into fitness. r believe it’s important to be healthy, as well as beautiful. My measurements are: 34D-24-36
What stimulates you mentally? Good conversation & laughing both stimulate me mentally. Have you ever been nude on camera? Of course, I’m very comfortable in my skin. I also love feeling sexy and shown off my body. I’m a bit of a tease
How long have you been modeling and what are your goals now that-you are modeling? I’ve been modeling for about 3 years now and sometime in the near future, I want to open my own clothing boutique What would you consider to be your biggest turn on/turn off? My biggest turn on would be a good sense of humor and a big penis lol. My biggest turn off would De bad hygiene and a bad attitude.
What would you consider to be your best feature? f think my smile is my best feature. My boobs are pretty nice tool Do you have a fantasy you have been dying to do but have been granted the opportunity yet? There are a few S/M things I would like to try l I love being dominated in the bedroom
What would be the number one place you would love to have sex at? Anywhere new and exciting. Spontaneous sex is the besf sex. Do you consider yourself the wifey tye? I wipll definitely make the perfect wife one day. BOOKING: INSTAGRAM: @Iiffany elissa FACEBOOK: Tiffany-Elissa

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Jazzy Royale

Jazzy Royale is bread from the streets of Los Angeles. She s an empress of her own empire: self made, tempting, bold, creative and a soulful type of woman. She is empowering to all women who believe in livinc their dreams. She has stepped int the industry to share her journey of life through songs, poetic lyrics, and many different sizzling visuals. She grew up living with her father and having three mothers aart of her life. From the age of 5 she danced ballet for Lula Washington Dance Academy. She then continued in hip hop dance and cheerleading as a teen. She also played the clarinet in school. tvlusic has always been apart of her family and soul. Jazzy spends a valuable amount of time behind scenes and in front of the camera. Whether taking sizzling sexy photos in heels, being published in magazines worldwide, oiling up her sexy models for a photo shoot or utilizing her skills in photography, graphics and a business degree. Jazzy Royale stay’s pretty busy these days, adding to her multitude of talent, her lyrical rap skills, sex appeal, styling and design, and successfully running a multimedia company. You can check out her sexy pnotos and music on ‘Tunes,, YouTube and, Also available are: posters, ringtones, erotic videos, show dates and more. Log on and take a sneak peak tocFay!
WEBSITE: BOOKING: INSTAGRAM: @jazzy_royale TWITTER: @jazzy_royale FACEBOOK: jazzyroyale YOUTUBE: jazzyroyale

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Black heart ( Ebony )

I m Ebony, but the streets call me Blackheart. That’s the name I like to go by. California bred and Virginia raised. I’m 100 % chocolate and proud! I’m an Aquarius and the sign fits me. I’m extremely loyal and free flowing, always into something. My age, well lets say I’m legal enough-to be everything you desire and-young enough to make it happen I am a winter baby and love the snow and the mountains. This birthday I’ll be snowboarding, so if you see me in Big Bear don’f be shy to say what’s up. I am very active and love the gym. I love football, baseball, hockey. I play sports as well. I’m currently training for WBFF and NCP competition. I am a nurse full time and model for pleasure. So if you’re ever sick in southern California and in the hospital, this sexy nurse can getyou right. I’m definitely the life of the party. Always have been and always will be. I say the things people are afraid to and I am very funny. I love to meet people and try new thincs. I am a big lover, despite who- you may here about me. I like to turn up but the country girl in me like to stay in most nights. I love to cook and drink wine and entertain at my house. I throw the best parties in southern California. Ask about me, I am a huge lurker, so follow me on social media I follow people back. If I like what you post INSTAGRAM: @shortyblackheart TWITTER: ©shortyblakheart SNAPCHAT: @ms.blackheart

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Desana M

Hello, I go by Desana M was born in Belgium which is in Europe I lived there-for about 14 years have always been modeling since a little girl for clothing line such as baby Gap and United colors of Benetton after taking years off for modeling in my childhood I moved to Florida with my family were there I became more involved in the “model world” rekindling what I had left off in Europe learning more and more about the industry. As I got older I met some celebrity lakeup artist in Los Angeles California where I then worked with her where she landed me my first booking for straight stunting magazine, which is eight urban magazines that is sold-. From that point forward I was blessed to Grace many other urban magazine such as black men’s magazine Don diva Magazine Street stunting magazine hip-hop weekly etc. I ve been landed in multiple music videos as well as started to host events with different celebrities and sports players. Now I am still shooting but have launched my new fashion line where I incorporate my unique designs in my photo shoots. I am blessed enough to have a beautiful unique look for the camera and look forward to gracing more magazines and having the world know about my brand-as well. Over all I thank all of my supporters and most of all thank myself for being dedicated. What do you like most about yourself? truly love my face I believe I have a very unique face and very beautiful features so a lot of people are drawn to my eyes! WEBSITE: INSTAGRAM: @desanamoses TWITTER: @desana88 SHAPCHAT: @desana88
Thanks again till next time! Xoxo

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Lovelyn Luxe

Hello I am the beautiful and amaz-ing Lovelyn Luxe from Los Angeles, CA. I am 28 years old with dark brown hair, brown eyes and I’m 5′ 4″ measuring at 40″- 28″- 48″. I’ve been modeling for about three years and I have experience in everything from fashion shows to eye candy modeling. Most recently I was featured in the music video for T-pain’s latest son with Juicy J called “Make That Sh* Work”. I can also be seen in recent features for Well Konnected Magazine’s Sports Edition. I also have a upcoming feature in Stunnaz Magazine which comes out mid February, 2016. And now being featured in SHOW is definitely a great start to my year, It’s an honor to be part of SHOW Magazine’s ongoing Black Lingerie series.
I plan on aring further within the industry. My goal for modeling is simply to bui d a name for myself, which will hopefully open up doors as far as acting, and eventually starting my own lingerie line. I’m a very ve inlelligent, well rounded woman with the perfect blend of sexiness too keep you wanting more.
– Lovelyn Luxe BOOKING: INSTAGRAM: tflovelyn _luxe

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Honey Loat

I am businesswoman. I own several businesses in New Orleans, which are going well. Lam also in the process of opening a large adult related wellness center. If will be an expansion of one of my current business models I’ll be adding several new features including a Spa/Sauna, medicine and cold bathes, and a cyber oriented Fitness Center. Some of the kinky features will be a Fetish Play Room and Dominatrix Center.
How did you get started as a businesswoman? I moved to New Orleans about eight years ago to help rebuild a sc ool after Efurricane Katrina. After spending a few years as a schoolteacher, Igot laid off. I used that painful lay off as motivation to push myself to do my own thing. So I put a business plan together, presented it to a bank and acquired a small business loan. I built a restaurant with that loan and it was very popular and successful. I’ve been designing and operating successful-business models since.
Tell us a little bit about your background. I am black and Italian. I’ve actually been researching a bit about my ancestry and I found that my grandfather mi_grated up to the North East of USA from Naples, Italy. He landed in New Haven, CT, which is where I was born and raised. I’ve lived all over, though. I’ve even lived in Saitama, Japan where I worked as a translator for the Japanese consulate. How would you describe your sexual experiences? I am adventurous! So I like to try sexual experiences that give me an adrenaline rush. For example, I enjoy exploratory public sex. One time, I was dating this girl and she was so freaky. We were playin pool at a local bar and she just grabbed me and threw me on the pool table The rest of the story is great local history. Lol How can your fans reach you? BOOKING: INSTAGRAM: @thehoneyloaf SNAPCHAT: ©covenpriestess

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