Ynda Rouya – SXY Mag – 2015

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Ynda Rouya  SXY Mag – 2015
Ynda describres herself as a good hearted, sensitive, funny and smart woman. Before modeling and acting she had a degree in particle physics.
She likes painting, watching Rachel Maddow’s show, watching Breaking Bad serie, modern jazz dance, samba, sailing, harpoon fishing, listen to Pharrel Williams’ music and electro house music, fishing for conques in the ocean and humanitarian actions. She is currently helping young kids from Immokolee to sensitise them to Art.
We asked her what she thought is sexy and her answer is a woman in a man’s shirt with nothing underneath… what do you think?
“I like a man with a kind soul, with a good sense of humour, straight, honest, humble, cool and good hearted. I like hands, charming eyes, deep voice and his soul. ”

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